Unforgettable Spaces Home Staging Company in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Contact information :

Phone: 780-991-6723E

mail: Unforgettablespaces@gmail.com

website: http://www.Unforgettable-spaces.com

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Who am I?

Hello everyone,

My name is Stephanie Lycka I am a Home Stager in Edmonton Alberta.

My  company’s name is Unforgettable Spaces.LOGO. jpg

I’ve decided to create this blog so I can give you weekly tips and tricks on how to improve you home’s market value.

Does the thought of selling your home make you feel like this? Stressed-Business-Woman

By following this blog, you will receive information that will become very valuable to you if you’re planning on selling your home or if you know someone who is selling their home. In today’s market, home staging has become essential to selling homes. If you want to sell your home quicker for market value, you really don’t have a choice. Staging has been around for many years. The association of property scene designers have been around since 2008, and their average days on market is 19. Some of you may not know that I am part of the APSD team.  This association has taught me many things about home staging; their training is amazing and very valuable.

MoneyHouseDid you know every home needs staging to some degree. An effective  Home Staging can add value to your property.  Selling your home means selling a lifestyle, but not necessarily your own. In staging, you’re striving for a look that is fresh and welcoming, yet not really taste specific. People with varying tastes need to feel that they can make the home their own if they purchase it.

Keep an eye on my blog. There will be monthly price giveaways.