Best renovation for ROI

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Summer time is the best time to do renovations on your home. If you’re undertaking a full property reno, to get the biggest “bang for your buck,” it’s critical to concentrate on the cosmetic aspects of the property that buyers see. Your target market are buyers who can’t be bothered to renovate or don’t know how- they’re looking for a house that they can move straight in without any immediate work.

Some improvements carry a huge price tag and provide almost zero return (such as installing a swimming pool), while simple and inexpensive changes can make a big difference to resale value (for example, painting walls in neutral colours).

The 5 best renovations for return on investment are:

  1. Install an additional bathroom on main floor                         80-100%
  2. Replace knobs and hardware                                                 75-100%
  3. Paint the interior                                                                         50-100%
  4. Renovate kitchen                                                                      75-100%
  5. Renovate bathrooms                                                                75-100%

1. Install an additional bathroom on main floor. This renovation has such a high return on investment because of it’s convenience. First time  buyers who plan on having kids look for convenience in their potential home. No one wants to do stairs 80 times a day when potty training. Think of other things you can do to your home to create convenience. New half marble bath (2)

2. Replacing knobs and hardware creates a visually appealing atmosphere. This is one of my favourite home staging tips I like to give to my clients. Replacing knobs and hardware is a simple trick that can add value to any room (ie bathroom, kitchen, laundry room even the garage.) Home depot has a great selection. When replacing knobs make sure to choose a type that complements cabinets. If you have dark cabinets, a nice chrome colour can accent the cabinets.


3. Paint the interior. Painting is such an affective way to get a great return on your property. If you have rooms that are bright and directly reflect your personality, paint them a neutral colour. Neutral colours are very effective in all types of properties. They are effective because buyers like to envision themselves in the property and almost everything can go with neutral colours.


4. Renovated kitchens have become very popular within the last few years. No one wants a dated kitchen. This type of renovation can cost a lot but it has a great ROI. 80% of buyers say they want to buy a home because of the kitchen.


5. Renovate bathrooms are becoming more popular. Buyers are viewing bathrooms are a relaxing atmosphere a place to unwind after a long day. Towel warmers and soaker tubs are a great addition to any home. calgary-custom-home-renovations-11


Organizing tips.

Hello everyone!

You know that pesky drawer where you throw all your junk? The one where all your receipts, menus, and random junk ends up? We all have them; it’s like a never ending hole. If you feel like there is no possible way to tame the mess read these tips, you can use these tips around your house for other places.



Step one:

Dump out the drawer. Make sure you dump the items on a surface that you can see everything. Like a table, or even a bed if there is a lot of junk.  It’s always easier to start from scratch.



Step two:

Throw away or recycle trash. Anything that is no longer important or random scraps of paper send them to the trash. It is also a good time to wash out your draw. Take a damp cloth and clean out the crumbs.


Step Three:

Take out what doesn’t belong. Move anything that doesn’t belong into its proper home. For example move extra screws to your toolbox.





Step four:

Organize. Group like items together. You can place them in a draw organizer of a set of small containers. Simple household items like ice cube trays and empty egg cartons can help organize tiny spaces.



Step Five:

Keep on top of the mess. If you’re a packrat and just can’t help but fill your junk drawer. Schedule time out of your busy schedule to organize it once a month or so. This will help keep it clean and organized.


Pantone colour of the year

Pantone colour of the year: Emerald 17-5641pantone 17-5641

Hello everyone,

Exciting news! Pantone has just announced their colour of the year, Emerald 17-5641. It is described as a lively, lush green, and enhances our sense of well being, by inspiring insight as well as promoting balance and harmony. Emerald is often associated with brilliant gemstones. It is sophisticated and luxurious. Emerald is also the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity; no other colour conveys regeneration more than green.

emerald 2013

You can find this colour everywhere from home decor stores, to fashion. This colour may be intimidating for some, but don’t be scared to use it. Adding a few touches of this colour in your home can create a pleasant atmosphere.


Placing some plants in your home is a great way to incorporate this colour. It will also brings the inside out and the outside in (one of my favourite staging tips.) Plants are a great way to make your space feel airy and clean, which we are constantly missing because of our long winter months.

plants in home.jpg

There are a few things to consider when placing the colour green in your home. Green creates feelings of comfort, laziness, relaxation and calmness. It helps us balance and soothe our emotions. Use this colour in bathrooms and bedrooms, as green relaxes our muscles and helps us breathe deeper and slower.

emerald bathroom. jpg

5 easy spring cleaning tips to help save you time.

When winter’s here, I want to hibernate. I want to spend evenings huddled on the sofa with a heated blanket, a cup of tea and a good book.

But now that is no longer the case. Summer is here and in full force. For those of you who are falling behind on your spring cleaning and need a few helpful hints, try these five easy tips to help save you time. Bonus: it will also make your home smell like flowers.

surgery flowers

1. To reduce your stress and even out the work load, do one room at a time. It can be any room in the house, kitchen, living room or bedroom.  Plan out a cleaning schedule to give you enough time to do everything!


2. The main thing to focus on when spring cleaning is wash windows, wipe down light bulbs and walls.These things tend to get missed during spring cleaning, so that is why they are the most important. Focusing on these areas will make your home sparkle and smell clean.


3. Work from the top down, inside and out. This will help you avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again.


4. Do two things at once. While laundry is going, scrub the shower stall, or wash the kitchen floors. Multi-tasking is key.


5. If you hate cleaning because it wrecks your new manicure, invest in good rubber or vinyl gloves. These will protect your skin and nails.