Moving with kids.

Hello everyone.

Summer is the time for moving, it’s a lot easier to pack up and move during the summer months. However, moving with kids can be traumatic, whether it is moving a couple blocks away or across the country. If you have kids, everything becomes harder, from extra laundry to cooking, shopping, driving and chores. There is no shortage of complications.


Here are a few tips to help organize your life while preparing your home for sale.

Toy bins. It’s an inevitable fact of life that kids have lots of toys, and that they will be scattered everywhere. Let kids play, but have lots of bins with lids so they can toss the toys inside when they’re done. Once everything is put away your home will look much less cluttered for viewings. Original-Toy-Bin2.   Regular cleanups. If you’re like me, you don’t like a huge mess. Especially when you’re planning on moving! Teach your kids to clean up after themselves. Schedule regular times during the day when they do cleanups, such as before bed or before they leave for school. This way your home will always be clean.   kids-chores

3. Make declutteing a family event. Set aside one day every month to clean out unused items in each room. This can be a bonding time. Let your kids know you don’t want to toss everything. It’s OK to keep certain things that hold important memories. However, unused items, clothing, toys or electronics can be donated or sold for extra money.Spring-homes-decluttering-007

4. Have a garage sale. Once you’ve figured out what you want to pack and what you want to purge, get the kids  involved to organize a garage sale. They can sort through everything, organize it, inventory it, and price and tag it. Let them know the proceeds from the sale will be used for something for the new house. The more invested the kids are in the goal, the more helpful they’ll be with organizing the sale.

5. Once everything is packed and organized it will make the move easier. Create a plan for their new room such as where to place furniture, what colours to paint their walls, and how they will rearrange their new room. Give each child a task to complete. Have your child make a special box with moving day essentials. This kit should include their favourite items, as well as books and games to keep them busy. Be sure to make the entire moving process fun and up-beat to keep children enthusiastic about this new stage in their lives.



Living with pets!

Good morning everyone.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

Today I would like to talk about pets. Our pets bring joy and companionship, and are considered members of most families today. But let’s face it: not all homeowners are pet lovers, and certainly not all potential home buyers like the idea that pets had previously lived on the property. When it comes to staging the home for the market, specific steps have to be taken to make the home a neutral and marketable property , whether they like pets or not.

Here are some pet-friendly hints to get your home ready for potential buyers, while also making sure your animal friends are not neglected or simply forgotten in the process:

Relocate your pets during the selling period. This is not always easy to do, especially if you are very attached to your pets. The easiest way to maintain your home’s optimum staged condition is to keep them away from the house during this time. You can have a friend or family member watch your pet during this time. If this is not an option, make sure pets are not on the property during showings. images (6)

Keep pet stuff out of view. This includes litter boxes, dog potty pads, bird cages, food or water bowls, pet toys, and other accessories. The sight of pet related items can turn off a client who is allergic to pets or simply not fond of them. This also refers to photos of you and your animals attached to your refrigerator door and work desks. Avoid posting pictures of your pets in different areas of the house in online listings.


Cleaning is a must. Stains must be removed from carpets and area rugs; get a professional to clean the rugs for optimal results. Pet hair must be removed from beds, couches and other furniture. Cleaning must be done regularly if the pets are still in the home during the selling period.


Pet smells can turn away any potential buyer. Pet smells are a sign of neglect and poor maintenance of the property. The simplest way to start removing pet smells within the house is to open windows and allow fresh air in. Use enzyme cleaners to remove odours while cleaning. Make sure to get a friend or family member to do a whiff test after you’re done cleaning.


Careful young mum near to the sleeping small son

Feng Shui

Good morning everyone.

To brighten your day on this rainy Monday morning I am going to talk about Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of positioning objects, especially graves, building, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi, that have a positive and negative effects.


Feng Shui is very important in home staging although some might disagree. Feng Shui is the feeling a home gives you.  Have you ever experienced a negative feeling when entering someone’s home? If yes, then you are sensing the imbalances that exist there. It is very difficult to sell a home that emits those feeling to prospective buyers. By balancing the energies and making your home more comfortable and welcoming to prospective buyers, you are dramatically increasing your chances it will be sold for the best price. The way we decorate for ourselves is different from the way we should decorate for buyers. The art of Feng Shui is a highly calculated approach to presenting a memorable home.

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Want to sell your home faster? These simple Feng Shui tips will help attract the right buyers to your home.
  1. Mark the spot. Place your “For Sale” sign to the right of the house, since people naturally look to that side when they approach a home.
  2. Clear away dead plants, vines, shrubs, and branches that block the main pathway so buyers have a clear route to the front door.
  3. Place two healthy plants or flowers in attractive dark coloured planters on both sides of the front door to act as a welcoming threshold to “greet” potential buyers.
  4. Clean the front door, repaint, and add a fresh new doormat.
  5. Display your realtor’s cards and flyers inside to the right of the front door, standing upright in racks rather then flat on a table or counter, so they are not symbolically “laying on the job”
  6. De-clutter your whole house to show buyers that there is room for their possessions.
  7. De-personalize the home so buyers can visualize where they will place their own family furniture and decorations and artwork.
  8. Replace dark artwork with colourful, friendly and positive images.
  9. Clean windows to enhance the views around your home.
  10. Pack up five of your most treasures possessions and seal them in a moving box as a symbol you are ready, willing and able to move.

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Curb appeal

Hello everyone,

Summer is here and now is the perfect time to spruce up your “curb appeal”.

Curb appeal is the view of your home from the curb across the street. Here are some tips to make everyone stop and take a look.

1. The easiest way to determine if you have great curb appeal is to take a moment and analyse your home from a buyer’s view point. Point out every little thing that might look wrong or could be improved.  This could be anything from dirty windows, loose shingles or even dead plants in the front yard.

images (3)

2.Once you have all this information together, make a list to determine the importance of everything that needs to get done, and put it in order of significance. Things that take the most time, for example replacing the loose shingles, should be done first. You will get the most out of your ROI if you focus on those items.


3. Colour is a powerful tool when used correctly. When choosing exterior paint, keep in mind that the colour of your trim should complement the colour of the roof and siding. Bright sun will often make strong colours appear bolder and vibrant ones seem brighter. Save the bright colours for outdoor accessories or small areas. A colourful potted plant with bright flowers, a porch chair, or even a painted bird feeder can brighten up a space and create interest in your home.

4. The entrance of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see when viewing your home. Treat yourself and your guest to a welcoming entrance area. Even a small area can offer a charming greeting. Paint your front door with a strong colour so that it stands out from the rest of the house. Embellish the door further with a knocker, polished-metal kick plate and an inviting, homey touch like a wreath, bunch of pussy willows or a basket of flowers.  A new railing will add detail to an old porch, as will attractive patio furniture. Make small entryways more inviting with a pair of urns, planter or ivy covered trellis panels, or even display a hurricane lamp on the table next to the door.


5. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home whether it is inside or outside. Even simple outdoor lighting will  bring a home to life at night. To create drama, install lighting along a walkway, between shrubbery or in trees. Mount a pair of lanterns on either side of a french doors to give your home an elegant and stately appearance.

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Perfect patio party

Hello everyone,

Canada Day is here, and i’m sure most of you would love to enjoy the nice weather outdoors on a patio, or enjoy the summer sun on a deck by a lake.

If you are planning to entertaining in the great outdoors. Here are a few great tips to make your summer party planning a little easier.

1. Drinks and nibbles.

A party isin’t a party without great food. Think: a welcoming but casual vibe, yummy but low-stress food, delightful but easy to whip up pitcher drinks. In other words, fuss free. There are tons of great books and blogs with summer treats; check out: for great recipes. download


2. Set the tone.

The flicker of candlelight can set the tone for a party. You can find great ideas everywhere in stores now. Ikea has great affordable prices.

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3. Seating

Seating is the most important part of patio parties. Guests like to be comfortable and not have to stand the whole time. Pick up some affordable Bollo chairs. Their solid acacia construction makes them ideal for indoor/outdoor use, plus they’re nicer on the eyes than cheaper metal folding chairs. They fold for storage and  you can buy a bunch and stash ’em for future use.



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