Perfect patio party

Hello everyone,

Canada Day is here, and i’m sure most of you would love to enjoy the nice weather outdoors on a patio, or enjoy the summer sun on a deck by a lake.

If you are planning to entertaining in the great outdoors. Here are a few great tips to make your summer party planning a little easier.

1. Drinks and nibbles.

A party isin’t a party without great food. Think: a welcoming but casual vibe, yummy but low-stress food, delightful but easy to whip up pitcher drinks. In other words, fuss free. There are tons of great books and blogs with summer treats; check out: for great recipes. download


2. Set the tone.

The flicker of candlelight can set the tone for a party. You can find great ideas everywhere in stores now. Ikea has great affordable prices.

images (1)




3. Seating

Seating is the most important part of patio parties. Guests like to be comfortable and not have to stand the whole time. Pick up some affordable Bollo chairs. Their solid acacia construction makes them ideal for indoor/outdoor use, plus they’re nicer on the eyes than cheaper metal folding chairs. They fold for storage and  you can buy a bunch and stash ’em for future use.



images (2)



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