Renovations You Should Never Do Yourself

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Do you plan on doing some renovations? Here are some things you should never do yourself; stay away from the headaches!

When it comes to home improvements, it can be very difficult to know when to do it yourself, and when to bring in help. Things to avoid doing yourself involve plumbing, electrical work, using expensive materials and dangerous renovations. Before you try it yourself, consider the dangers.

Working with Granite or Marble 

Whether you’re installing new countertops or tile, working with materials like granite or marble is very difficult. It’s best to hire a professional to do the measurements and installations. If you make a mistake, the cost is too high to make it worth your while.


Breaking down walls 

If you want to break down walls to open up your space, don’t do it yourself. Walls support the structure of the house; think of it as the supporting framework of your home. Weight bearing walls have to be dealt with accordingly. Professionals have in-depth understanding of the structure of the house, and they will be able to identify what walls can be altered.

Percussive power.

Electrical work

When it comes to making electrical adjustments, there are too many pitfalls to do it on your own. Electrical standards are always changing and it is hard to keep up to “code”. When wiring, you must make sure everything is connected properly. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional.

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Building or Renovating the bathroom

Bathroom renovations can add huge return on investment to your home. If you are planning on moving plumbing, hire a professional. If it is done wrong, it will cause a lot more headaches than it’s worth. Poorly done pipe installations could lead to leaks that drip through the drywall and could cause water damage throughout the house.

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Colour Trend

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Have you noticed new trends in home decor? Mixing light icy pastel shades like mauve, mint, green and peach hues has become very popular in home decor. The light colours are relaxing and create a perfect, atmosphere to let go of your busy life.


If you’re starting from scratch, stick to a neutral background. White walls, wood floors and white cabinet or furniture. This classic design scheme will serve you well for years to come. The thing about neutral colour schemes is it is easy to switch out accessories and hints of colours as trends come and go. Add small touches of your favourite washed neon shades in select places: chair legs, pendant lights, strolls, artwork, and dinnerware are ideal.

pastel living room 03_1

Next layer in, add a hint of shiny metal for a bit of sparkle. Brass is right on trend but chrome or brushed stainless steel works just as well.


Finally, a hint of black do wonders to make the whole room come together. It grounds the room and helps it from being too sweet.


Kids room’s

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Decorating kid’s rooms can be very fun but also challenging. From nurseries to toddler and tween rooms, parents are willing to spend big bucks to make their kids room look amazing. It’s important to have inspirational spaces so that kid’s can grow.

1. A vintage twist.

Wooden school chairs to antique maps and posters to reclaimed industrial lighting all fall into this category Many vintage pieces have been around for years and can stand up to the demands of a strong willed room domino 2

2. Wallpaper a Wall

Many people love wallpaper but are afraid that it will be too much. It seems like the coolest child’s rooms have at least one statement making wall. Bold prints like flowers, robots and graphics are all popular. Limit wall paper to one feature wall to accent the space but tone it down.Bright-Green-and-White-Kids-Bedroom-with-Floral-Wallpaper

3. Grown-Up Rooms

Changing rooms during the different stages of your child’s life can get expensive. Fill your child’s room with upholstered curtains, everyday rugs, artwork ad even iconic furniture like dome chairs. These items can grow with your child and last a long time.small-kids-rooms-space-saving-design

4. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!

Stripes has been a big hit for children and toddler’s rooms. From wall treatments to curtains, it seems like stripes are a classic touch that will age well. images (13)

5. Shades of grey

While bright colours definitely have a place in kid’s rooms, it seems like grey might be the most popular choice at the moment. This colour can be paired with everything. (Green, yellow, pink, neons, everything) but it also looks great and has an overall calming effect. Softer, warm greys are a better choice than blue greys.8-space-theme-modern-grey-gray-black-kids-room-childs-bedroom-boys-girls-unisex

cleaning 101

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Planning on selling your home this summer? Don’t know where to start?


One of the most common mistakes that people do when selling a home is forgetting the cleaning. You want your home to sparkle, to make people “aah!” at your home.


Here are a few things that sellers forget to clean. These make a huge impact.


  1. Bathrooms-these rooms usually need a lot of work. Every square inch of this room NEEDS to be clean. Backs of toilets and walls are areas that home owners forget to clean regularly. Mr Clean Magic Erasers are great for these jobs.  3-23-08bathroom4
  2.  Light fixtures- Out of sight, out of mind right? No way; light fixtures accumulate lots of dust over the years and many people forget to clean them. Wipe down light fixtures at least 4 times a year. The same goes for ceiling fans and vents.images (9)
  3.  Kitchen backsplash- Just like bathrooms, every square inch of a kitchen should be cleaned. Make sure to clean your back splashes; grease and grime accumulate here and they need to be wiped down weekly. Move your fridge and oven and clean behind them. This will help with the general smell of the home. images (10)
  4.  Windows- Windows are the first thing buyers see while looking into your home. Clean the inside and outside of the windows to help make your home sparkle. Make sure to vacuum or wash curtains and blinds. Don’t forget to dust the curtain rod. images (11)
  5.   Walls- Walls are a very important part of cleaning. Over time they can change colour due to discolouration. In many homes there is a fine layer of dust that clings to the walls. Make sure to tackle the walls and make them sparkle as well.images (12)