Furniture Scale and Placement

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Have you noticed the longer you live in your home, the larger your collections become?

Although it may be easier to inherit furniture from relatives than purchasing your own, it may not fit in your space.

Furniture scale is very important to consider, especially when selling a home. Furniture that doesn’t fit the space will make it look too small or too big . You might have a giant sofa that you love, but if it makes the room look small, it has to go.

To fix this problem,

  1. Aim for small grouping of furniture, with plenty of space around them.images (16)
  2. Measure your space before buying the (9)
  3. Don’t feel pressured to buy a whole collection, paring furniture from different collections can look great together. Furniture-Arrangement-101


Hello everyone.

Did you know that after location, good lighting is the one things that every buyer states they want in a home? So you may be wondering what is the best lighting for homes in today’s market?

There are a lot of ways to maximize the lighting of your home.

  1. Take down the drapes. Dark drapes hide the natural light in rooms and dulls the space. download (6)
  2. Clean the windows. Cleaning windows helps with everything especially natural light. It allows clean light to get into your home. Photo-Woman-Cleaning-Windows
  3. Change your lampshades. Over the years lampshades tend to yellow from direct sunlight. Changing lampshades will give your home an new updated (7)
  4. Increase the wattage of your light bulbs. By increasing the wattage, you will increase the amount of light entering your rooms. Eyes need great light to read and adjust to seasonal changes. download (8)
  5. Cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine. If you have big bushes outside your windows, make sure to keep them trimmed so natural light can come in.


Repairs to Help Sell Your Home

Hello everyone.

Minor and major repairs are very important when selling your home. More and more buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that need no work done. That is why there are so many newly built homes popping up around Edmonton and any major city; even smaller cities are catching on to this trend.

Here is a list to help you make sure your house is in top condition for sale.

  1. No torn screens: during summer months bugs and dirt come through these small tears and cause dust to accumulate in your home. This is not pleasant for anyone. download (5)
  2. Cracked plaster is something many home owners tend to forget about in their homes. Repairs and repaint these areas.  plaster-crack-wall-damage
  3. Burned out lights: everyone wants their home to be warm. Lighting does just that. Fix all burned out light bulbs especially the outdoor ones.. IMG_9071

There are many other things around your home you may forget. Take the time to do a walk through of your home. Or better yet, get a friend to do a walk-through a second time this may help you notice things that you may overlook on a day to day basis.

Depersonalizing Tips

Hey everyone,

Depersonalizing is one of the most important things  you can do in preparation for your home sale. But not everyone knows what it means to depersonalize. Did you know 90% of buyers can’t visualize the potential of a home.

A potential homebuyer needs to picture himself in your rooms, and quirky decorating or pictures of your kids hurts the illusion.

Here are a few tips to help you depersonalize and get your home ready for sale.

  1. Remove all family photos, no matter where they are. If photos have been on the walls for a long time and there is discolouration ,make sure to replace the photos with something neutral. download (4)
  2. Paint brightly coloured walls a more neutral shade. You don’t want the potential buyers to squint looking at your brightly coloured walls. desert-ridge-family-room-64830-1900
  3. Focus on kitchens. Kitchens are often the easiest room to depersonalize because most of the items found are utilitarian, but be sure to remove photos, magnets and kids artwork from the refrigerator so that buyers view a clean, non-distracting surface.Beautiful-Kitchens-Screensaver_1
  4. Home office or den. If you have a study or den in your home, don’t overlook it when it comes to depersonalizing. Remember to remove the personal items including diplomas, achievement certificates and that trophy from last year’s community pie eating contest. download (2)
  5. Bathrooms: many home owners may not realize the importance of hiding your personal items ie tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Buyers do not want to see these items. They would rather look at clean open bathrooms.

download (3)

Unusual Kitchen Organizing Tips

Hello everyone.

With your kids back in school, you might find a free minutes to breath during the day. If you find the common spaces in your home become chaotic , try following these organizing tips:

The pantry door. 

The open panels of a pantry door are a perfect place to store kitchen appliances. It’s a great alternative to clustering your appliances into a messy drawer. Paint in a bold colours and even consider hanging a painting; make it personal.


Tea tin magnets

Save empty tea tins. They can be used for anything; place them on the door and throw items in like pens or elastics that are lying around. Simply attach a magnet to the back of the tin.

tea tins. jpg

Nifty cutlery storage 

Forget hiding your cutlery in a drawer. Use mason jars propped on your counter space instead. It’s easier to access, maintain and organize.