5 DIY tools you need to own

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Selling your home can be difficult. Especially if you like to do renovations and DIY projects around your home. Here are five DIY (do it yourself) tools you should always have in your kit.

1. Glue gun

A glue gun is to crafters what a whisk is to a chef. Its a go-to tool for everything. Purchase one that works at high temperatures ( around 380). This will help with crafts and other fix up items around your home.

glue gun

2. Staple gun

Staple gun are great to work with on upholstery. It holds together perfectly.

staple gun

3. Power sander

It’s speedy and ensures even sanding. Look for a handheal sander and try out a few different options to find one that fits in your hand best.


4. Ratchet Screwdriver

When taking apart furniture, or tearing down kitchen cabinets, a ratchet screwdriver has you covered. It may not pack the power of some of your other tools, but in a tight spot it’s indispensable.


5. Jigsaw power tool

Jigsaw power tools give you the freedom you need to cut just about anything, in whatever direction you wish.




Hello everyone

Thinking of renovating your home this winter?

Here are some of the up and coming countertop trends.


You may think it looks like all the other composite stone surfaces, but once you lay your eyes on this newest addition to composite countertops, few will compare. IceStone is a unique mixture of concrete and glass, and it is one of the greenest choices you can make. NHG_02house_11


This is truly a great material, and it possesses a natural beauty. With regular oiling; soapstone will continue to darken overtime. countertops_comptoir_soapstone_pierreasavon2

Poured concrete:

The advantage of concrete is it’s versatility, it’s shape, finish and colour. You can do anything with poured concrete. Adding colour, is becoming more popular.  download (21)


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Have you ever smelled something and it reminded you of a fond memory? Well this is because smells have their own site for memory in our brain. A great smell makes any house memorable, and appeals to buyer’s senses.

Smells that attract the right buyers are:

  1. Cookies, who doesn’t like the smell of baking cookies? download (19)
  2. Fragrance spray. Sprays come in many different kinds, making sure the spray you choose is not over-powering.g8
  3. Lemon. Lemon has a very clean, crisp smell. Many people relate to this smell because it reminds them of warm summer days. download (20)

Beautiful Master Bedrooms

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Have you ever dreamt about your luxurious master bedroom? Chances are you haven’t because you don’t have it yet!

There are many ways to update your master bedroom to create that luxury hotel look you’ve always dreamed of.

Try these simple tips when updating your master bedroom.

  1. Pillows. Place multiple new pillows with sham or toss pillows on your bed. This will update your current look and make your bed look larger.blog-image-pillows1
  2. Linens: use crisp white linens and place a throw at the end of the bed. White is a clean colour that will make you want to curl up in bed with a nice book at the end of a long day. 1-Christy-contemporary-bedroom-design-ideas
  3. End tables. Keep end tables uncluttered Have you ever reached over in the middle of the night to check the time on your clock and knocked over a glass of water? This is why end tables should be kept clean and uncluttered. It helps create simplicity in your room.090901_nightstand
  4. Lamps; Use matching lamps on the end tables to create a balanced look in the room. download (18)
  5. Dress up your night stand. Place a tiny vase of flowers on your end table or dresser. Flowers add an elegant touch to your room. new-bedroom-decor-ideas-6