3 tips for planning the best holiday party

Hello everyone!

‘Tis the season to celebrate with friends and family. Maybe you have a yearly party tradition or you want to start a new one. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate in style

1. Online invitations

You don’t have much time to hash out the details of your perfect party. Online invitations have come a long way from the early days when the designs were at best second-rate and the response system cumbersome. Today, companies like paperless post provide a great selection of designs and allow your guest to not only respond in a personal matter but easily enter the event into one of their online calendars.


2. Pinterest

I’m sure that by now you have heard of and possible tried the social media site “pinterest”.  It’s a great place to get ideas and store inspiration for your home, hobbies, crafts and decorating ideas. One of the ways I love to use it is to plan parties. Seeing all your ideas together in one place allows you to envision the get-together before it even happens.


3. Alternative locations

If the thought of cleaning your home and getting it ready to receive guests keep you up at night, then think about hosting the part elsewhere. Or avoid it all together. You could either choose a party -ready venue or use your imagination and ask a local cafe, bookstore or meeting place if they would be willing to rent you the space for a few hours. It takes one more things off your to do list. And cleaning up after the party is also a breeze!



The Christmas Tree: 5 tips for perfection

Hello everyone!

Christmas is only a few days away. If you haven’t gotten your tree yet, time to hurry! No one wants to hunt for the perfect tree, bring it all the way home and gather the family for decorating, only to have all the needles fall off just days before Christmas! I myself stick to the fake tree for convenience, but if you like the real this keep in mind a few simple  tips before you choose your tree, and practicing a couple of routine acts of maintenance once it’s home, your family can have a tree that is as faithful as the song says.

1. Size matters: Before you head out to pick your tree, make sure to measure the space you’ve got. This means width and height. Kids will always push for a bigger tree, but staying comfortably within your space’s limits will not only ensure your tree looks better, but will keep it healthier too.

C tree

2. Before set up: Before you place your tree into a sturdy tree stand, make a straight cut off the bottom of the trunk, about a inch from the previous cut. Once cut, you must get that tree into fresh water as soon as possible.


3. Why water? Water will not only keep those needles from falling off before Santa arrives, but it also keeps the branches from drooping and losing all your decorations. Furthermore, a freshly watered tree is beautifully fragrant. Isn’t that the reason you got a real tree to begin with


4. Can’t say it enough: Moisture is key. So besides regular watering, keep your tree away from drafts and direct sources of heat. Ducts, fireplaces, electric heaters, even television sets will only serve to dry out your tree.

Corner tree

5. Safety first: Some things are obvious, like never leaving your tree close to open flames. No matter how often you water, those branches and needles are dry and will catch fire very easily. Secondly, inspect those lights. Christmas lights spend many months in cold, damp storage areas. Don’t hang them on your tree without carefully checking for cracks in the wire, loose bulbs or other signs of damage. Also watch those decorations. Glass bulbs and tinsel can be dangerous to small children.


Top 3 modern christmas decorating ideas

Hello everyone!

Holiday decorating trends change every year. This year, Christmas is all about seamlessly coordinating and incorporating your holiday look with your existing decor.

1. The monochromatic

Monochromatic or duo-toned palettes have the favor of the design world. The secret to success with this look is to play with materials, textures and shapes. Blues and greens are perennial favourites, and both look great dressed up with a mix of shinny silver and golds. The universal white-and-transparency combination looks great with most modern interiors.


2. The fashion palette

Purple is the “in vogue” colour. To dress it up even more add a touch of blue and silver. Opt for any shade of blue, from the soft aqua tones to the dark navy hues, with silver acting as an accent colour; it harmonizes beautifully.


3. The minimalist

The minimalist look has been influencing Christmas decor for a while. If a modern tree is too much of a step for you, try an updated wreath instead. The monochromatic ball wreath is contemporary while still shinny and occasion-appropriate. Other experiment with traditional materials like bark and berries, applied in a new modern way.


Whimsical christmas stockings

Hello everyone!

I came across this article a few weeks ago and thought it was suitable for the holidays. Here is how to create your very own whimsical Christmas stocking.

What you will need:

Felt: Red, Light Green, Dark Green.

White Embroidey Floss


White Paper

Black Sharpie Marker

Boot Pattern          whimsical

Hot Glue



1. Cut out boot pattern and pin to 2 layers of red felt and cut out boot shape.

2. Draw applique pattern of your choosing on white paper with black marker.

3. Pin applique pattern to dark green felt and cut out applique shape.

4. Cut out rectangle of light green felt for cuff of boot.

5. Separate red felt boot pieces. On one piece, pin applique and boot cuff. This will be the outside of your boot.

6. Using the white embroidery floss, whipstitch/blanket stitch the applique and boot cuff to the red felt.

7. Pin both red boot pieces together, with the applique and cuff on the outside. Whipstitch/ blanket stitch the boot together, leaving the top seam open.

8. Cut a 6″x1″ band of the dark green felt and sew to top of the back and front corners of the boot. This is the loop by which to hang the boot.

9. Cut a small circle of light green felt. Using a bead of hot glue, attach the circle to the tip of the boot’s toe.

SAFETY NOTE: parents crafting with children should help with all steps that require the use of scissors and hot glue and sewing needles.

5 outdoor holiday decorating ideas

Hello everyone!

The holiday season is upon us. Are you looking to try something new with your decorating this year? Here are a few tips for you that you may not have thought of.

1. Wintery walkways

First impressions are everything, even during the holidays. If you’re hosting any holiday parties this year, why not light up the stairs and path to your house with candles places in old wine bottles, or even better, protected from the wind in glass hurricane lanterns. Rocks, red berries, prunes, evergreens and mangolia leaves add a festive touch and makes an excellent first impression.


2. Light up a tree

Be unique with your lighting. Try decorating a few balls or cones with twinkly white lights and placing them in the branches. You can even use large decorative balls.


3. Window capes

Decorating your windows is a great idea and something that is often overlooked. Use cut-out reindeer, stars or snowflakes and attach them to the inside of your window frames to protect them from the elements. Make sure to choose neutral shapes or silhouettes that read well from both inside and outside.


4. Eye-catching wreaths

There are so many options when it comes to these festive decorations. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own wreath. You can purchase ready made evergreen wreath and add some small embellishments like small clusters of yarn balls.


5. Light it up

There are many options for lighting your home. Choose lights that work well with your home. There are many different styles.

Christmas-Lights 1