How to create an at home office

Hello everyone!

Have you ever thought of working from home?

There are many benefits, you get to stay close to your kids, you get to work on your own time and you can even stay in your pyjamas all day. Here are some tips when creating your work space at home.

1. Surface

Find a surface area that your can work, a large table or desk is best so you can spread everything out. If you work from a laptop, your work surface can be smaller.

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2. Organize.

If your tens to write everything down, keep file folders handy to stash your important papers. They are small and can be placed in drawers.


3. Keep it simple.

Simple is always best when creating your work space. Don’t add to much decor; it will distract you.

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4. Quiet

Quiet spaces are always best to work in. Combining life/work functions can always be hard. If you have kids or a busy household budget, your time wisely to work when no one is around.




Hello everyone!

When thinking about buying or renting you may not know where to start. If you’re just starting off your journey and your life, you may want to consider renting. Here are some props about renting versus owning.

1. It’s cheaper: Your mortgage payment will never be as low as your monthly rent, so enjoy it while you can (and save those extra dollars).

2. Utilities Included: it’s common to find rentals that include the utilities in the rental price. You’re still paying (it’s factored into the rent) but you won’t have to experience the dread of bills arriving in your mailbox.

3. Live the High Life: This coast of renting a gorgeous condo or home is usually a lot less than buying it. It’s not uncommon to go from renting a beautiful apartment to living in a smaller, older home.

4. Quick Exits: Want to move out? The worst case scenario is waiting out your lease, but after that, you can wipe your hands of the home and be done with it. You won’t have the stress of selling a home and watching it sit on the market.

5. Easy Upkeep: Ask most renters and they’ll tell you they haven’t touched a lawnmower or snow shovel in years.

6. Property Perks: Most apartment buildings come with gyms and pools, so you can say bye bye to those pricey gym memberships.

How to make basements more welcoming

Hello everyone!

Basements tend to have a cold clammy vibe to them that makes buyers want to improve them or walk away due to the work needed. HEre are a few tips on improving the vibe of your basement.

1. Don’t waste too much time on this project. Basements aren’t the main attraction of a home. Spend minimal time creating the warm vibe buyers are looking for.

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2. Eliminate clutter. The basement can easily become a dumping ground, out of sight, out of mind. Dedicate your time to organize and de-clutter. Invest in a good storage solution to keep everything tucked away.


3. Incorporate pattern, texture and light. Some people like dark cozy cave-like spaces. I prefer a basement that is light and bright. Cotton twill makes for easy, washable upholstery. Patterned pillow can brighten up any space.

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4. Lighting is critical since most basements don’t get great natural lights. Invest in pot lights or track lighting can help the overall space seem bigger and decorative table or floor lamps helps add  warmer mood lighting and make it feel welcoming.

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Uses for lemons

Hello everyone!

Many people are leaning towards more natural cleaning methods for their homes. If you are one of these people, take a look at lemons for your go-to guide to clean everything in your home.

1. Sanitize: Disinfect and clean cutting boards. Run a slice of lemon over the surface to disinfect.

2. Shine: Polish copper, sprinkle a lemon wedge with salt, then rub it all over the item until the tarnish is removed.

3. Brighten: Whiten laundry whites, add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the was cycle

4. Clean: Rub hands with a lemon wedge to remove grease and odours.

5. Decor: Fill a glass bowl with lemons for a cheery centrepiece.

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