Surprising uses for paperclips

Hello everyone!

Most of us, if not all of us, have paperclips lying around our homes; here are some creatives uses for your paperclips.

1- Smartphone stand
Easily bend the clip into a holder for your smartphone

2- Emergency hem
Simply cuff-in each pant leg and secure the fold with a paper clip

3 unclog small holes
Use it for cleaning everything from salt and pepper shakers to a can of hairspray

4- replace broken zippers
Use the clip as a pull tab so zipper can still function easily

5- Letter opener
Straighten one end of the clip to slip open a sealed envelope.


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Photo Gallery Wall

Hello everyone!

Gallery walls are becoming popular in homes around North America. Gallery walls are created with frames in variety of shapes and sizes, all clustered on a wall in a grid or pieced together like a puzzle. Depending on the frames you use, the end result can be sleek and modern, traditional, or even have a vintage feel.

If you have a gallery wall and are planning on selling your home, remove your personal family pictures. If the wall behind the pictures is faded or scratch you can ether paint the wall or keep a few frames up with pictures of beaches or scenery.


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Surprising uses for baking soda

Hello everyone!

Are you looking for ways to use supplies you already have? Here are some neat tricks for backing soda

1- Erase marks from painted surfaces
Sprinkle it on a damp cloth and rub, crayon, pencil and ink marks off surfaces.

2- Unclog drains
Pour 1 cup baking soda down the drain, the slowly pour 1 cup of white vinegar after it. Plug the drain, let sit for 5 minutes then pour a gallon of boiling water down the drain.

3- Clean garage floor
Sprinkle it on any oil and grease marks then scrub with a wet brush

4- Remove stains from cast iron and stainless steal
Make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub with a soft cloth

5- Exfoliate skin
Using three parts baking soda and one part water create a paste and gently massage it into your skin



Trends for Bathrooms

Hello Everyone!
There are always new trends every year for decorating your home. Below are upcoming hot trends for bathrooms


1- Exotic Finishesceramica-cielo-jungle-monty-snake-skin-vessel










The use of interesting and exotic finishes are popping up in bathrooms all over the world.

2- Cool Hardware


The use of recycled metal is becoming popular for bathroom handles.



3- Hand Painted tiles


Hand painted tiles have a personal touch. They can be used for flooring.


4- Drawer within a drawer

Drawer TierDrwrInsideDrwr_FullOutPartial Sm

Bathroom cabinetry has come a long way. Having a drawer within a drawer can help organize all your little accessories.



5- Rain Shower head

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Rain shower heads are a luxury that more clients are requesting.