Blushing Snowman

Hello everyone!

If you have any tennis balls lying around you can create a cute centre piece. This is a great craft to make with kids. All you need is a tennis ball, some paint or marker and string.



Whimsical wire trees

Hello everyone!

Christmas is almost here!!! For this week’ s DIY craft, all you need in a piece of wire cooper or steel, and a foam cone.

Step 1: simply wrap the wire around the foam cone
Step 2: Remove wire pushing it towards the top of the top
Step 3: place on table and enjoy


Cinnamon candles

Hello everyone!

Cinnamon can add a touch to anything over the holidays. Here is a simple step by step guide to creative cinnamon candles

What you will need: Candles, Cinnamon sticks, glue and ribbon

Step 1: Pick your candle
Step 2: glue cinnamon sticks around the candle
Step 3: Tie a ribbon or string around the cinnamon sticks and candles.


DIY glitter pine cones

Hello everyone!

There are millions of pine cones laying around; they are so easy to find, so why not put them to use.

What you will need: pine cones, spray adhesive, glitter, and a brown paper lunch bag.

Step 1: Place glitter in the lunch bag
Step 2: Spray pine cones with adhesive
Step 3: Place pine cone in bag and shake
Step 4: carefully remove pine cones and shake off excess glitter .

Tip: place pine cones in a glass jar for a centre piece


Christmas DIY vases

Hello everyone!
As most of you may know Christmas is my favourite time of year. To celebrate my love for the season, I will be post some do it yourself Christmas activities to enjoy over the month of December. A simple yet beautiful decorating idea for christmas is candy canes.

What you will need: 12-24 candy canes, a vase or pot, glue gun and a ribbon red or white.

  • Step 1: choose a vase or pot
  • Step 2: Use a hot glue gun to glue candy canes to the vase facing outwards.
  • Step 3: tie a ribbon around the candy canes and make a bow
  • Step 4: place flowers in the Vase.