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All homes need staging to some degree. And small staging can be just as affective as a full blown staging. I worked on this town home a couple months ago. After staging the Kitchen, Dining room and Living Room, this property was under contract in 11 days




Recent Project

Hello Everyone!

It is no surprise that million dollar homes take longer to sell. The reason it takes longer to sell, is because most buyers don’t see the value of the property when it is vacant. Luxury homes need to fell luxurious, master bedrooms need to feel like a restful haven.  It is very important to have your property staged from the beginning before listing it. I recently worked on a million dollar home. It was sitting vacant before the client decided to have it staged. After staging this property took 75 days to sell. Great results! Make sure to stage your property before listing.





How to dress for cold weather activities

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“I’ll catch a cold”, “I’ll slip”, or “I’ll get chilled” These are all excuses for not going outside in the winter. There is no such thing as bad weather, simply inappropriate clothing. The way you should dress in winter is very important, especially in our climate. The numbers of layers you should wear depends on the activities you are doing.

Running: If you like running in the winter, make sure you layer up. Dressing lightly with layers will help avoid overheating.

Walking: If you tend to spend the day outside with family, make sure you layer up. By dressing properly, you’ll rarely be cold and will better enjoy the outdoors. If it is icy, wear appropriate winter boots, adding mini steel spikes if needed.

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New year new you

Hello everyone!

Winter tends to bring a dose of cabin fever. Here are a few ideas for you and your family to get outside and enjoy.

If you live in milder climates or it’s a day that is nice.

-Rubber boots make walking in puddles fun, go splash in them

-Take a walk outside enjoy your surroundings; cold weather means no mosquitos! Enjoy the outdoors.

-Don’t let the darkness stop you. If it is safe, use flashlights to have light sword fights with your children.

In colder climates

-Build snow forts or a snowman; it takes a good length of time, straightens muscles, encourages creativity and is a guaranteed good time!

-Most summer activities have a winter counterpart: Hiking becomes snow shoeing, soccer is replaced with street hockey and biking becomes tobogganing! Get creative.