Recent project

Hello everyone,

For the next couple weeks I will be sharing some of my recent staging projects.

A couple weeks ago I staged this property in Terwillegar. The owners have been renting it out for a while and where having trouble selling. These home owners found me online and we quickly worked out a payment option to get this property staged correctly. Within a week I had the property staged and it sold within 13 days. If this property remained empty it would take a lot longer to sell. From these pictures you can tell how import it is to use home staging. Most potential buyers cannot see the purpose of the space. IMG_0476 IMG_0464 IMG_0484 IMG_0489



Benefits of home staging

Hello everyone.

Have you been considering home staging to help sell your home? Do you still have questions? Below are some benefits to home staging.

1) Stagers are adept at helping sellers deal with sensitive issues that can be an obstacle to a successful sale

Generally speaking, realtors do not want to start off a relationship with a new client by reciting a laundry list of what needs to be done by the client to improve the home’s presentation and ready the property for the first open house.

Agents would prefer to help their clients by bringing in a professional stager to advise on what edits should be done to prepare the property, and when appropriate, stage the property, whether this be blending the clients existing furnishings with the stager’s inventory, or placing rental furnishings (as is typically the case for vacant properties).

Stagers are adept at very tactfully helping sellers understand what modifications need to be made, why they are required, and the benefits they will deliver. This helps both the seller and the agent achieve a win-win outcome.

2) Home stagers allows the agent to focus on selling the property

When agents can focus on developing and executing their property marketing plan and finding buyers for their listings, instead of worrying about the condition of the seller’s home, they can put all their efforts into doing the job they excel at, and deliver superior results for their client.

Partnering with a home stager allows a real estate agent to do just this, since they can lean on the stager to ensure that the property’s presentation will be dealt with effectively.

Top 3 reasons to use a home stager

Hello everyone,

It no secret that selling your home is hard, especially if you do not have the proper resources or help. Using a home stager can be beneficial for many reasons. Below are the top 3 reasons you should consider using a home stager.

1) Home staging is proven to sell homes faster and at a premium price

Staging a home to showcase its full potential, accentuate its strengths, minimize the impact of its weaknesses and optimize the space’s flow enables a broad range of potential buyers to connect with the property and more easily see themselves living in it.

2) Home staging helps your listing stand out from competitive listings

How do you stand out from the other houses for sale on your street? Staged houses and condos show to their full potential.  When sellers combine home staging with professional photography, the result is high impact photos that can be used very effectively to showcase the property and draw more showings.

3) Home staging provides real estate agents with a more comprehensive and differentiated marketing program

Real estate agents face immense competition when trying to secure a new listing.  Home staging is one element that more and more agents recognize helps them realize better return on investment for their marketing spend, because the home shows to its full potential, and as a result the marketing material that they prepare and utilize is all that more impactful.

recent project

Hello everyone!

Did you know Unforgettable Spaces loves colour.  If you take a look at our recent projects you will see we use a lot of bright colours in our stagings. We do this to help showcase the listings and give them a bright, airy, welcoming feel. This gives them the best chance of selling quickly.

 IMG_4861 IMG_4855 IMG_4858 IMG_4862