Exciting news

Hello everyone.

 Unforgettable Spaces is expanding in our business to help you and your clients.  Our expansion will allow our customers to get better value or better pricing on everyday essential services from home phones, internet, home security, television and more. We’ve chosen this expansion to broker all of the well known brands so we can help our customers with the moving transition easily. If you would like to know more information or if you have any questions, I would love to schedule a meeting with you so my partner and I can explain how we can work together in providing an additional value added service to your customers.
Services we broker 
  • Home Phones -Starting at $29.99
    • Voip -unlimited calling to 80 countries
      • $60 GIFT CARD available for new customers.
    • Bell hard lines with specific calling features.
  • High Speed Internet -Starting at $46.99
    • DSL or Cable service available.
      • $100 GIFT CARD available for stand alone internet!
    • Bundled Phone & Internet Packages start at $62.99
      • $160 GIFT CARD available for bundled packages!
  • Satellite TV- Starting at $48.95
    • Bell Express Vu Satellite TV with varying packages available.
  • Cell Phones
    • Brokering Telus the company with the greatest coverage in Canada.
    • Various calling & internet plans.
  • Home Security & Automation
    • Brokering Vivant and Reliance Protectron Home Security.
    • From unlocking your home or adjusting your heat from your cell phone Vivant does it all.

*Prices are subject to change the pricing viewed on our online store will be the true price.

Check out our other services at stephanielycka.acndirect.com 


Recent staging

Hello everyone,

We recently staged a home in west Edmonton. We kept the staging to a minimal, not all stagings need to be extravagant. The staging needs to fit the majority of potential buyers. This home is great for a starter home for young families as it it near schools, it could also be a property to flip. Lots of great options. See more pictures at unforgettblespaces.com. Feel free to add your comments below!IMG_1237 IMG_1234 IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1229 IMG_1228

Preferred realtor program

Hello everyone.

Did you know Unforgettable Spaces has many different programs and promotions? Today I would like to introduce you to our preferred realtor program and how it can benefit you. This program is for realtors and investors it includes the following

-15% off all services for 2015

-VIP service, priority schedualing for all appointments

– Social media posts. We will share your posts and help promote your listings.

All you have to do is use Unforgettable Spaces for all staging projects and consultations for the rest of the year and you can sign up today!