BNI saint city

Hello everyone!

A few months ago I decided to branch out and learn some new marketing skills so I decided to join BNI to grow my business. Since joining about 4 months ago I have gained confidence and a strong relationship with everyone in my group. As I learn more about BNI and its benefits I am very surprise that many small business owners haven’t heard of BNI, so today I would like to share with you the benefits of this amazing organization and my personal point of view.

BNI (business networking internationals) is a professional marketing organization specializing in word of mouth referrals. The BNI strategy relies on a business networking strategy that generates business referrals within many diverse networks. BNI relies on structured business groups wherein each member carries the other’s business cards. When a “prospect” is met, the business card and testimonial information is shared and a referral is most often created. Successful business depends on word-of-mouth referrals. This well-tested program has more than two decades of experience and is international in scope. BNI’s structured system of giving and receiving referrals creates a supportive and trusting environment for developing serious business relationships where network contacts are transformed into referred business. If you would like more information about BNI check it out here  Now let’s talk numbers! There are 7,113 chapters operating is 59 countries, 182,648 members internationally created ,and  in 2014 more the $8 billions in shared referred business. With those numbers alone what is stopping you from joining?

I was approached by Ryan Seller from Re/max Professionals , and was asked to join him at  BNI saint city as a guest to see what BNI was all about. When I walked through the doors I was greeted by everyone with a warm smile. After the first meeting I was intrigued but not yet sold, so I decided to check out a few other groups. All the groups I visited were friendly and welcoming but something about BNI Saint City got me hooked, so I joined as soon as I can and Ive been loving it every since. The thing I like most about BNI is you get what you put in. If you take the time to get to know others in the room, they will actively sell your business for you. Pretty amazing having 15-30 people actively working for you. BNI Saint City meets every Tuesday morning at Saint Albert inn from 7-8:30. If you would like to check it out, let me know!!

 We are Always looking for all types of companies. Our top 10 current list is
  • Promotional Products
  • Painter
  • General Insurance (Home & Auto)
  • Chiropractor
  • Handyman
  • Home Security
  • Family Lawyer
  • Web Design
  • Printer
  • Electrician

So if you know anyone that has a company or knows or anyone wanting to grow there business send them our way!


Features recent staging, sold with amazing results

Hello everyone,

We recently worked with a couple who were moving into a retirement home. We helped them pack there items and then we proceeded to stage their home. Once staged the property sold in 17 days.

Stephanie is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. With the staging provided we were able to sell out home within a short period of time. It also provided the buyer with a view of a home rather than a house. Staging, especially by Unforgettable Spaces is an absolute necessity if you wish to highlight the property you are selling.- Brian Malone 

IMG_1229 IMG_1230 IMG_1232 IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1237 IMG_1238

Recent project

Hello everyone,

We recently staged a property in Bear Paw south Edmonton. Below is a testimonial from the client and our before and after pictures.

IMG_1315 IMG_1319 IMG_1324 IMG_1329

I purchased a new home and moved most of my furniture  and listed my current home.  I had several viewings but no offers so after almost 80 days on the market I decided to stage it with Unforgettable Spaces.  I had been looking at their website and all the before and after pictures were amazing!

Stephanie simply looked at pictures of my rooms that I emailed to her and knew what she needed.  They were in and out of my home within an hour.  The very next people to view put in an offer and it now sold after 5 days!
I would recommend staging now to anyone!- Deb

Recent staging

IMG_1082 IMG_1079 IMG_1078 IMG_1076 IMG_1075 IMG_1074Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago we got called to stage this property. The buyers had listed it when they were still living there and since they moved out and the house sat empty, they were no longer getting interested. It it crucial to stage your properties before listing to get the best results.  Check out more pictures at unforgettable spaces and learn about our company.