Upcoming updates 

Hello everyone 

Over the next few months we will be featuring local realtors along with some fantastic local companies to help you improve your home and your life. Stay tuned for this great information coming your way! 


Decorating services 

Hello everyone 

Do you or someone you know have a teenager that  has outgrown their childhood room, and is need of a remodel? Do you have a room in need of a transition?  

Unforgettable Spaces can help provide decorating services to revamp any space. We can work with you to pick out paint colours and accessories and, If you need to get this done right away, we can shop for you and set up the room. 

Shopping services 

Hello everyone 

Did you know Unforgettable Spaces can help with all of your home decorating shopping needs? 

If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture or decor items, we can help. 

Unforgettable Spaces can either inform you where to shop to get the best value for your money or for a small feel, we can go out and shop for you.

If this sounds good to you or if you know someone who needs help, give us a call. 

How are we different 

Hello everyone 

If your looking to hire a home stager that gets results, look no further. 

Unforgettable Spaces has a different approach to home staging than many others do. When approached with a potential staging, we research the area of the property. The reason we do this is to attract the best possible potential buyer. 

If the property is located near a university, we place items that attract students and professors. If the property is located near a school or playground, we attract kids and families by placing items that will make them feel at home the minute they walk through the door.

Most buyer will have their minds made up within the first 60 seconds of looking at a property. If it’s warm and inviting, they are sold; if it’s cold, boring or generic, they feel like they’re wasting there time 

Make the right decision when selling your home. Always hire a home stager 

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