Recent project 

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Here is a recent staging we did in the Bonnie Doon area. After it was staged it had multiple offers and sold within days take a look at our before and after pictures.  



Feature local company Be Free Yoga Spruce Grove

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Some of you may know I am also a yoga teacher and teach a various studios in and around Edmonton. This week we are featuring an amazing boutique studio called Be Free Yoga. Katie the owner took some time to answer our questions. Take a look at what Be Free Yoga has to offer!

1. How is be free different from other studios?
Be Free is a boutique style yoga studio, meaning its a smaller space to give a more intimate feel in the classes, and you are seen as a person not just another body in a huge room full of people. With the smaller studio size you get more attention during class to help you progress in your practice and make sure you are practicing safely. We also take the time to get to know and connect with our students, and truly look at them as family.

2. What can students expect when coming into the studio?
You can expect to be greeted by one of our smiley teachers instantly making you feel welcomed.  We suggest you come at least 10-15minutes early to fill out the waiver form and to get signed in to your class. We have cubbies in the office for you to keep your stuff during class, we encourage you to leave your valuables at home, but the doors are locked during class so no one is coming in or out except for the massage therapist that works at the studio as well. Feel free to ask your teacher any questions that you may have before class. We do have a washroom and a change room if you need to change before or after class. Give yourself time to settle into the studio room. It’s totally normal to feel a little bit lost during your first ever class, as the moves may be new to you and your body. You can expect to be guided through your class by a kind and knowledgeable teacher, offering guidance and support throughout, ensuring a positive experience.
3. what classes are great for beginners?
The best class for beginners especially if you’re feeling nervous is the Gentle Flow class. It moves at a slower pace and is designed for people who have never practiced yoga or any type of movement, also for people with injuries or recovering from health issues, as well as stress relief. The All Levels Flow is also suitable for beginners as the postures are basic, but this class is bit more challenging and moves at a consistent pace, so expect to feel a bit challenged but there is still plenty of time to relax and de stress as well.
4.What is it about yoga that excites you?
The possibilities of where this yoga journey can take you! I started yoga as just another way to stay active, and it has transformed into so much more for me. I think it can do that for so many people, coming to it for the physical side and eventually if you want it to it takes you deeper in to a state of self knowing and awareness. I really believe yoga will change the world, thats why I teach it, the more people are self aware and learn to deal with stress in a positive way, the better our world becomes.
5. How can we get ahold of you?
We have a website that has all our information, you can also email me or call the studio 780-571-2003
katie yoga - WEB-224

Having discovered yoga in her late teens Katie finally found a safe place to land and just be with her breath. Struggling through many of her teenage years with anxiety and depression, only finding solstice in her horses she quickly fell in love with the magic of yoga. By learning to connect her breath with movement there was finally a silence in the inner critic, there were moments of self love and self discovery. After practicing for a few years Katie knew she had to share this gift of yoga with others, and as many people as she could. The dream of Be Free Yoga was born.

Having over 600 hours of technical yoga training Katie’s roots are strongly planted in Moksha, and Vinyasa yoga training. She approaches the practice from a very anatomical stand point, but loves the ability to be creative in her sequencing. She has a calm leadership style that will leave you feeling peaceful throughout and at the end of your class, while having the ability to gently guide you deeper into postures to find your inner and outer strength.


Hi Stephanie,

By way of feedback, I was impressed by your approach. The cost  options on 3 levels of staging and particularly studying the demographics and staging accordingly resonated with me. Don’t know if that is standard practice or not… You may hear from me again if I need staging in the future.



Monthly Featured Realtor 

This week we are featuring Seth Glick With Re/ax Excellence. Seth works closely with Murray Glick and they are very well known around West Edmonton.

1. How long have you been a realtor?
Coming up on 1 year now, hard to believe.

2. What do you like most about your career?
Lending a hand to people’s lives while they navigate a very important
stage of their family’s story.

3. What area in the city do you focus on, and why?
Growing up in the W’s I know the West Edmonton area very well, so it’s a
natural fit to do business in that part of the city. It feels like home
because it was my home.

4.What makes you unique?
If you’ve seen Glick+Glick’s advertising around the city, then you already
know we’re different in the way we promote both ourselves and our
inventory. Leonardo DaVinci once said that ‘simplicity is the ultimate
sophistication.’ We apply that principle every day by doing things like
becoming the only exclusive black and white realtor in Edmonton. The power
of black and white photography—and videography—is not only that the home
feels more luxurious and desirable, but it gives the prospective buyers an
opportunity to finally see a home’s potential without being blinded by
something as trivial as the colour on the walls. Across our entire service
experience, the Glick+Glick goal is to strip away the extraneous and
simplify one of the most stressful events our clients will ever face. We
had to muster some courage to be different in all these ways, but now
we’ve created a real estate transaction experience that feels simply

5. What makes you stand out in a busy Edmonton and area market?
From a visual and design point of view, no one is doing what we’re doing,
so we get a lot of attention and buzz from things like our split-face ad
campaign, as well as our stunning marketing tools. When you break our
luxury vibe down, you discover that the fonts we use, our spatial
considerations, the style of our photography and even our obsession with a
black and white color palette all contribute to creating a strong
connection between the Glick+Glick brand and exclusive products and
services from far outside the real estate world. The result is that our
postcards, brochures, business cards, videos and website all look and feel
unlike anything else in the Edmonton real estate market. We look simply

6. How can we get ahold of you?