Feature company Yorkton Group International

Hello Everyone!

This week we are featuring Yorkton Group an real estate investing company. Matthew is very knowledgable and always invested in his clients. If your interested in investing your money is various different places this is a great place to start!

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  1. What is real estate investing? 

Investing in real estate can be unnerving to many people. You need the time to manage the property, the money to maintain it, as well as the experience to know if what you are doing is right. What I provide is a hassle-free, professionally managed, and bite-sized option to invest in real estate. Why invest in real estate? It is a tangible asset, one that cannot be taken away from you. Real estate is one of the safest investments you can make, as long as it is paid for and managed appropriately.

  1. Who can invest? 

All of our real estate investment projects are tailored to suit what is right for the project and for the investor. This means that certain projects will have different requirements for investment. A typical investor can look like; a business owner or person who recently sold a business, a dentist or medical professional who does not have time to manage a real estate portfolio on their own, or someone who is looking for other options to invest their RRSP’s and Tax Free Savings Account contributions.

  1. How long does it take to earn a profit on your investments?

Each project has their own timeline and are decided by the market and the investors. Investors have voting rights equal to their share ownership, this means the investors can decide the direction of the project and the exit strategy.

  1. What makes Yorkton Group different from other companies?

Yorkton Group is different from other companies because of their strict conservative business philosophy. Steady and safe growth has proven to be far more beneficial to us and our investors, rather than taking high risk and shooting for astronomical returns.

  1. I have never invested in something like this before is there any risks?

The way Yorkton Group structures their projects is to reduce risk, and in turn provide a safer and more secure product for our clients. With any investment there are risks, since Yorkton Groups projects are always debt free and have all expenses paid for, the risk is timing. This means that choosing the project that works with your timeline should be your main objective.

  1. How can we get ahold of you? 

I love having conversations, meaning if you have questions lets chat.

Phone – 587-990-0444

Office – 780-409-8228 ext. 237

Email – matt.murray@yorktongroup.com

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mattjrmurray

Webpage – www.yorktongroup.com/matthew



Unforgettable Spaces was a big help in selling our condo. It was on the market for many months before we decided to stage it. Comments we were getting were the bedrooms were too small and it just looked empty. With the excellent job that Stephanie did we were able to sell shortly after. My only regret is that we didn’t stage it sooner. I would recommend Unforgettable Spaces to anyone.Thank you Stephanie!

Marilyn Bolick

Featured Realtor Nicholas Elise Ryhanen

Hello Everyone!

This month we are featuring Nicholas Elise Ryhanen with Re/max River City. I met Nicholas at a BNI training and thought she would be a great realtor to feature.

1. How long have you been a realtor? I have been a full time professional agent for 8 years.

2. What do you like most about your career? What I love most about my career is helping people move on (pun intended). Buying a new home or selling your current one is one of the biggest transactions/moves you will ever make. I love being the professional to help make the process go smoothly and making it fun!

3. What area in the city do you focus on and why? I believe it is my job to know the entire market. I do not focus on one particular area of the city. I was born and raised in Edmonton and with just under a decade experience in the industry I am familiar with Edmonton and the greater area!

4.What makes you unique? “My Coffee to Keys™ approach to buying and selling makes me unique and it is simple! Basically, we grab a cup of coffee (on me, of course) and talk about your needs, wants, and must-haves. Do you need to sell your current home? Are you looking for a new dream home to start a family? Maybe you’re ready to invest in an income property?
Whatever your current real estate needs are, let’s get together and chat! From there, I can answer any questions you may have as well as go over the entire process of buying or selling from beginning to end. It’s important to me that you are educated and prepared, and it’s my job…no, wait…it’s my passion to make sure this happens!

5.What makes you stand out in a busy Edmonton and area market? I stand out because I am a fresh take on real estate and sales in general! People are not putting up with dated sales techniques that focus on high pressure sales. I aim to align myself with my client’s goals so they become mine! I do not need to “sell” you on a house, I see it like this – I am going to listen to your wants and needs, then find you the right product!

6.How can we get a hold of you? I can be reached by phone, text, email, twitter, facebook, Instagram, or google! If you click the hyper link you can see all my active pages.