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Today we are featuring Ida Colby from Colby.Steckly chartered accountants. Take a look below to see what Ida is all about. 

Ida Colby is a skilled and talented accountant with a flair for problem solving. Because she loves a challenge, no problem is too tough. She has worked in the trenches in public accounting for over 23 years, starting with a small CGA firm in administration and quickly progressing to a senior accounting technician’s position. After nine years, she moved to a larger firm of six partners and was soon promoted to a manager’s position; finishing that 14-year career as a senior manager.Ida’s vast experience with audits, tax planning, review engagements, and financial statements has prepared her well for her role as a partner with Colby ·Steckly Chartered Accountants. Because she has dealt with such a wide variety of businesses over the years, her clients can count on her to know what to do when an accounting problem crops up.

Her counterpart, Jennifer Steckly, had this to say about Ida:

“Ida has impeccable attention to detail and superior organizational skills. Her thirst for knowledge along with her creative approach enables her to explore accounting and tax issues from a variety of angles until she finds the optimal solution. I love her happy attitude and wonderful sense of humor. She’s great to work with.”

Away from the office, Ida relaxes by playing piano and tending her garden. She and her husband love to camp, ride quads and travel.


Feature company holds worth design 

This week we are featuring not a great local web design company, we met with Michael and he answered a few questions for us 
1. What is web design and why is it important?

Web design is the creative expression a brand or organisation in the way that they want to be perceived by their target audience online … or at least that is what it is supposed to be. You can also look at the working definition on Wikipedia to get into the nitty gritty of what goes into designing a website these days.

The more common reality of web design is that of a template driven environment where the website owner finds something that they think fits with their content and branding, and they proceed to tweak the colours and typography to suite their tastes. Obviously this is a cheaper way to get a site up and running; However, the opportunity to impress site visitors and differentiate yourself from your competition is often lost.

 2.How is your company different from the rest?

We help our clients strut their stuff by asking the right questions. Questions like: What are your organizational goals and how will your website help you accomplish them? Who is your audience? How will people find your website? Do you have a defined brand to work with? And How can we work within their budget to accomplish their goals?

We also custom design our client’s websites around what we think will resonate well with our client’s target audience, not solely based on our tastes or the tastes of our clients. In the end, the client has to approve the design and they should like it, but we make sure to explain the design based on how the client wants to be perceived by their audience. We also implement the clients branding into every element of the site, from the social media icons, to the fonts on the page so their site really stands out and people know that they mean business.

 3.How closely do you work with your clients?

Thanks to “modern technology” like the telephone, email, and skype, we can work “closely” with clients from just about anywhere in the world. With every project that we start we like to have an initial meeting to discuss the client’s goals and ask them the important questions that were mentioned before. But meetings are not always in person. We actually just finished up a project for a client in Nebraska and we have never actually seen them in person. We do like to work with local clients and meet in person where possible. In person meetings allow us to have a better understanding of a client’s business needs and we get to know them better, but it is not always necessary. After the initial meeting, we will meet with them several times throughout the project to get their feedback about the site’s design, layout, and structure. Once we launch a site we usually train our clients to edit the sites themselves and encourage them to contact us as they need help with the technical aspect of the site.

 4.What other forms of design do you specialize in?

Our bread and butter is working with clients on their website, but we are also very experienced in logo design and graphic design in all its forms. When a potential client wants us to build a website for them we always ask whether they have a logo and a branding style guide that they are using for their promotional materials so we can incorporate it into their website. But if they don’t have consistent branding across other marketing materials, a web design project offers us the opportunity to define their brand and then implement it across their other promotional materials. This allows them to establish a consistent brand image and they can start to build recognition for their brand among their target audience.

 5. How can we get ahold of you? 

If people have any questions or comments feel free to contact us through

email: info@holds-worth.com

phone: (780) 758-1775

or message me on Linkedin https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mmurphyholdsworthdesign

Or visit our portfolio at http://www.holdsworthdesign.com


We have used Stephanie for staging some of our listings. I am always very pleased with the amazing service Unforgettable Spaces has provided. Stephanie is always professional and the staging is always done to make the homes look warm and inviting. Stephanie is easy to work with and was prompt at responding to all my questions. She gives our clients different options that suit their needs. Her team is efficient, polite and professional during set up and removal. She really has an eye for detail and knows how to set up a space that looks great in person and photographs as well.”Paul Blais RE/MAX ELITE