Rc mechanical 

Hello everyone! 

This week we are excited to introduce a great company. We met with Rodney Codner from RC Mechanical. 

 1. What products and services do you provide? 
RC Mechanical Services product range from toilets, tub/showers, basins, kitchen sinks, faucets, garburators, sump pumps, hot water tanks, in floor heating, boilers, furnaces, AC units, roof top units, water heaters, valves, flushometers, thermostats, tanks. Just to name a few.

We do maintenance contracts to service Edmonton and the greater area. We do pre-maintenance inspections on boilers, heating units as well as water distribution and drainage systems. Our maintenance contracts are very competitive and we pride ourselves on keeping our customers very happy with the services provided. Our services range from simple auguring clogged piping, new development installations for residential and commercial properties, repair and replace all plumbing and heating, renovations and removal of old appliances and fixtures. We install new dishwashers with complete hook-up. We provide free quotes to our clientele and warranty all products and service installations.

 2. What hours are you open? 

Our staff is on call 24/7 looking to help our clientele with what ever plumbing and heating issues arise.

 3. Do you offer these services to residential and commercial properties

RC Mechanical Services does residential, commercial and industrial properties


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