Thank you to Stephanie and Unforgettable Spaces for their valuable insight into setting our home up for sale.Stephanie made the process simple by giving us a room by room breakdown of what should stay, what should go, and what to feature. We received nothing but glowing feedback from prospective buyers about how spacious, well laid out, and comfortable our space was.

We were very pleased with the process, as the sale closed remarkably quickly -even thought it was early February and the economic forecast had been all doom and gloom.

I would highly recommend using Unforgettable Spaces for staging during the selling process. I think they gave us a competitive edge in a difficult market. The results speak for themselves.


Laura Niwa /


Featured company Sun Life Financial Advisor 

1. What is life insurance, and when is the best time to purchase life insurance ? 
Life insurance is a way to protect your family financially if the unthinkable happens and you die unexpectedly. It is a way to provide for your family when you are no longer able to provide for them. It is a way to cover expenses such as: 

        – paying off the mortgage 

        – outstanding debts and bill payments 

        – replacing lost income and health benefits 

        – funeral costs 

        – estate and legal fees 

        – final income tax 

        – home maintenance 

        – child care and education fees 
The best time to purchase life insurance is when they bought a new home, had a baby, had a change in marital status, have a mortgage that is renewing, have acquired personal or business debt, and if they have changed jobs

2. How much life insurance should be purchased? 
The amount of life insurance that should be acquired should cover all of the individuals debts should they pass, as well as leave behind enough for the family to cover their salary as well as all of the expenses listed above. Deciding this is a very in depth conversation and calculation considering all aspects including how much is needed as well as the monthly budget they would like to invest in their protection.  

3. What is disability insurance and is it important to have? 
– Disability insurance is insurance that is in place to provide them with a monthly income should they become injured and unable to work. This insurance would kick in and provide the family with the salary that the injured is not able to earn at work so the monthly expenses are still financially covered. 
– Critical illness insurance is insurance that is paid out if the insured becomes critically ill. This includes 25 illnesses including: cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. This provides the insured with a lump sum payment should they become ill and need to take time off work as well as get treatment to get healthy again. 
4. What other type of insurance do you provide? 
Disability insurance and critical illness insurance. explained in the above question. as well as health and dental packages/ group benefits. 

5. how can we get ahold of you? 
I can be reached on: 
my cell phone (780)238-7643 

email mark.ramme@sunlife.com 

office line (780)424-8171 ext 2259 

Features realtor Alesha Neufeld 

1.  How long have you been a realtor? I have been a realtor since June 2015

2. What do you like most about your career? When people find “the home”. I love when clients have the “OMG I LOVE IT” moment and I don’t stop until they find it.

3. What area in the city do you focus on and why? I focus on the south east side to south west but I have a lot of experience in Downtown and around what will soon be the Blatchford community area. I live on the south side so for me focusing on an area I am very familiar with benefits my clients. I have several clients who are investors and areas around what will be the Blachford community (old airport) has been a big focus for the great prices and big potential for higher appreciation on homes. Downtown has some amazing things happening so I’ve been working with clients who want to move where the action is and also investors who know what amazing developments are taking place.

4. What makes you unique? What makes me unique is I have close to four years experience in real estate investing and own several of my own properties. Previous to real estate I was in retail management which has given me a lot of experience in working under high stress situations and being able to manage execution on short deadlines. I also know the value of providing great customer service and treat all my clients as I would want to be treated. For me real estate is my passion and you know what they say, find a job you love and you never work a day in your life.

5. What makes you stand out in a busy Edmonton and area market? What makes me stand out in a busy Edmonton Market is hard work and Integrity. Being knowledgable and diligent goes a long way. People are paying for a service and should always be treated like a VIP. 

6. How can we get ahold of you? My website has all the information needed to get a hold of me, http://www.century21.ca/alyesha.neufeld. I also have a Facebook page, Alyesha Neufeld Edmonton Real Estate Agent.