To be honest I was skeptical when my realtor suggested staging our duplex. Stephanie was pleasant to deal with and I loved her ideas and enthusiasm but I was still hesitant to incur the extra expense. However, I decided to trust the experts. After selling both units I can now say with full confidence that it was definitely the right decision. Stephanie’s furniture selection helped potential buyers visualize and realize the full potential of our units. Upon meeting the buyers of both units I was told that the staging furniture was a big reason they made the decision to purchase our units. In fact, one of the buyers liked the furniture so much they asked if the furniture could be purchased. I can say without doubt that Unforgettable Spaces was a major factor in selling our duplex and I will not hesitate to use Unforgettable Spaces to stage my future projects. If you’re putting your home on the market I strongly recommend staging your home with Unforgettable Spaces. You won’t regret it.Rahim Moloo Roshan Construction Ltd 


Occupied showing 

Hello everyone 
If you have to stay home during a showing it is ideal that you present yourself in the best way possible . You have already put the work into your home to show it beautifully now is the time to do the same for yourself. Below are some do’s and don’ta well having an open house or showing. 


-Watch Tv 

-Talk on the phone

-Talk loud to each other 

-Get in the way 

-Take a nap 
-Dress in clean appropriate clothing 
-Read a book 
-Stay out of the way 
-Smile and be warm and inviting 

Featured realtor – Ryan Sellers Re/Max Professionals 

1. How long have you been a realtor? 12 Years – Established 2004
2. What do you like most about your career? I love to help people and to have the trust from my clients to be a part of such a big and important transition in their lives is really rewarding! A move from one place to another isn’t just a transaction, it’s a huge decision that takes much consideration and is emotionally connected to many factors within their lives. I try to help take the stress out of making this decision by providing a no pressure atmosphere and as much information as possible so that the client can make the most informed decisions.

3. What area in the city do you focus on and why? My office is in St Albert and I live downtown Edmonton which naturally allows me to be in the loop for a fairly large area and as I work mostly by referral, I service a vast area just based on my client’s needs. It only takes a bit more of my time to do the necessary research for me to be informed as to what the real estate conditions are in a certain area and I’m happy to take this extra care for my clients.

4.What makes you unique? I studied marketing at NAIT many years ago and would say that I am a very detailed person as well, so I love the marketing aspect of this career and my ability to be innovative, creative and strategize on a daily basis to ensure each one of my client’s experiences has the best possible outcome is what makes me unique. This is not a cookie cutter type of industry and you need to be creative and make an impact to thrive so I look at every client or situation as being unique and create a custom approach as much as possible!

5. What makes you stand out in a busy Edmonton and area market? A few years ago I took a very in depth look at my business and decided to change my growth strategy. Instead of the typical marketing and promotions that many agents utilize to build their business like billboards, bus benches and massive marketing campaigns, I decided to change directions and work by referral which is a client driven growth strategy. So the difference is that instead of me focussing on marketing myself and my brand to the general public and trying to get exposure from being the biggest “brand” in the area, I now spend those dollars on you by way of marketing your listings in more effective ways which will help them to sell faster and typically for more money. I’ve taken it a step further and I am very excited about the Referral Rewards Program that our team launched this past year. For every referral I receive to a new client I will make a generous donation to a deserving charity of their choice!! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

6. How can we get ahold of you? Connect with us on Facebook, follow us on twitter @ryansellerscom for the most up to date information and what’s happening within my team. Text or call me a 780-994-4663 which is my direct line and all of my clients have it too! Visit my website at ryansellers.com and by email at ryan@ryansellers.com.