Featured company -BrokerAge General Insurance 

Candice Watt has been in the Insurance industry for 11 years now, entering the industry straight out of earning her BA at Concordia University. Candice can handle anything insurance related as she has her Level 2 General Insurance license along with her Life Insurance and Accident & Sickness licence. Candice strives for excellence in customer service and thrives off of networking in groups such as BNI (Saint City Organization). These come very natural to her considering her friendly and outgoing personality. Outside of work, Candice spends her time with her husband and 1 year old daughter. She can also be found out at the lake wake surfing, reading, and enjoying fine wine.

1. How long have you worked in the insurance field? I have worked in personal lines insurance since 2005. 

2. What kind of insurance does your company provide? Broker Age General Insurance is your one stop shop. We provide all Personal Lines Coverage (home, auto, recreational vehicles, RVs, motorcycles, seasonal dwellings, rental dwellings and tenants insurance) – we also carry Commercial Insurance, Farm Insurance and Professional Liability Coverage.


3. What type of insurance is critical for our market? The most important coverage for today’s market will always be to have enough coverage on your home and automobile to protect you from future, unforeseen circumstances.


-4. What kind of insurance do you offer that may not be well known? Because Broker Age sells for a numerous markets we are able to offer different types of insurance that meets the needs of our clients, that some other carriers don’t offer. Two specific types of insurance comes to mind-


1.Overland Water Coverage: Its been almost 3 years since the Alberta floods happened, the flood that changed the lives of Albertans everywhere. With more than 100,000 being evacuated from their homes, and at that time there was no flood coverage for residents of Alberta. Meaning, those individuals whose homes had water pour in through the windows and doors were out of luck.

The good news, Canada now has access to the right type of insurance to protect our citizens from Mother Nature with overland water coverage. Now only specific carriers offer this extended coverage to residents and Broker Age works with these carriers to provide this coverage to our clients.


2. Service Line Coverage: Most homeowners aren’t aware they are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of underground service lines on their property. Service Line Coverage protects you from the high costs associated with digging up, repairing or replacing service lines and restoring landscaping. Broker Age works with these carriers to offer this insurance to our clients.


5. How can we get a hold of you? I can be reached on my work cell at 780 297 3198, but the best method to reach me is via email at candicew@brokeragegi.com. I respond to emails quickly and efficiently all day, everyday!



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