Recent project 

This was by far one of my favourite stagings to date. To be honest I was nervous decorating with black and white because it was the first time I use it, but it turned out fantastic and this property sold in under 16 days! 



We had Unforgettable Spaces stage our home for sale. Stephanie was very professional and quoted a very reasonable price. Although there were many listings in our area, we are confident that her efforts helped our home sell quicker and for a higher price than had we left it vacant. Stephanie was always pleasant and easy to deal with. Her eye for detail and her design choices did wonders for showing our home in its best possible light. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.- Brian Smeenk 

Meet the team barb 

Hello everyone! 

As most of you know Unforgettable Spaces is slowly expanding. We have added a part time contractor to help us out for many on site jobs. Today I would like to introduce Barb she has been a fantastic addition 

1- How long working with Unforgettable Spaces?
I started working with Stephanie April 2016.

2- Do you enjoy the work available? why or why not?
Yes, the work is very enjoyable. It is very fulfilling and satisfying to know staging a house turns it into a home potential buyers can visualize themselves living in.

3- What is your background?
Business in marketing and merchandising for major sports, non-profit and theatre companies. Also show home staging, yard design and maintenance, store window display, planning and organizing fashion shows, weddings and special events.

4- What’s your favourite type of home to work in?
All home stagings are fun to do, as they can turn into interesting challenges, either occupied or vacant. I really like staging both. Vacant homes are a blank slate, where we can add a whole different theme to a room just by using various and contrasting colours and new furniture arrangements. Occupied homes are especially satisfying because they can turn out amazing by changing and rearranging home owners own items.