Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for your help with staging! This house went from being on the market for 7 months to looking fresh, modern and comfortable with the help of your staging. We were pending after 4 days on market and sold 2 weeks later. Much appreciated!


Featured company Ron MurrAy pro-a-lock 

Hello everyone!

This week we are featuring Ron Murray with Pop-a-lock I have personally used their devices and they are fantastic.

1. How long have you worked in this industry?

I started on this about 2 years ago after years as an executive in the financial industry. We provide a consumer focused service in an industry that has historically not been customer focused. 

2. What product is the best for single family homes?

First and foremost every SFH should be rekeyed and have deadbolts installed on every external door. A home is broken into every 90 seconds in Canada and 80% of those happen during daylight hours. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity and thieves will always find the path of least resistance so don’t make your home an easy target

3. What makes you different?

Almost every locksmith around is a single location, one off oepration. Pop-A-Lock has over 200 locations each owned and operated locally but with a network of support and experience across North America. We are also exclusively mobile and will come and meet you anywhere to look after whatever you need. As an owner with a background in sales and service at the executive level, we look to also educate the client about their locks rather than just a quick sale. Our fully licensed locksmiths are not on commission so there is no incentive to sell a higher priced product that is not required.

Many local locksmith are not properly licensed, do not arrive in marked vehicles or in uniform; they carry no insurance and will charge far more than was originally quoted. You have to ask yourself if you would want these people copying keys to your home or vehicle. We recommend people only deal with uniformed, licensed locksmiths in marked vehicles for the own protection.

4. What is the turn around time for projects and install?

Most residential services we can be there within 24 hours.

5. What is the main focus of your company?

So many! We do residential, commercial and automotive along with selling and servicing safes. 

6. How can we get ahold of you?

CAll 58-Pop-A-Lock (587-672-5625)