It was a pleasure working with Unforgettable Spaces to stage our condo apartment. They responded quickly and efficiently to furnish our unit to prepare it for sale. It was decorated with a true professional touch and allowed us to present the apartment in the best possible way. 
Ken Schoor


Feature company Staging Warehouse 

Hello everyone 

I have been working with the staging warehouse for years and they are my go to company for all furniture rental needs.

Whilst the Staging Warehouse has been a fixture in Edmonton for a number of years it has been under the ownership of Sue Blocksidge and Carolyn Miller since January 2015. Since that time a complete overhaul of the inventory has taken place with emphasis being given on current trends. Both Sue and Carolyn are passionate about customer service and their goal is a simple one; to provide their clients, regardless of the size of job, with the best possible service.

1. what type of furniture and accessories do you rent? You can rent almost anything you would find in a home from a soap dispenser to a sectional, a dining chair to a candle, we have it all.

2. How long is a typical contract? Our contracts are 28 days in length and can be renewed as many times as required. However we are finding that for the majority of our staged homes, no more than one renewal is required and a large number are selling during the initial contract period.
3. Can anyone come rent furniture? Our main clients are stagers, home builders and realtors. Whilst we are happy to rent directly to homeowners we would always suggest using a professional stager as they have the experience to select pieces that maximize a home’s attributes.
4. Do you rent furniture to occupied homes? Our furniture is available to rent for vacant properties only.
5. Is delivery included in rental? On all our quotes delivery (which also includes pickup at the end of the contract) is shown separately and is payable with the initial contract. We use a third party delivery company who take great care both with our furniture and the homes they are delivering to.
6. How can we get ahold of you? You can give us a call on 780 443 7797, email us at info@thestagingwarehouse.com visit us on Facebook or check out our website http://www.thestagingwarehouse.com.