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Here are some pictures of a rental we staged 


How to stay organized all year long

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My favourite organizing tips is keeping a to-do list. My favourite place to keep this list is in my passion planner. This yearly planner is amazing and I’ve been using it for the last two years. It has weekly and monthly templates to keep you focused and on task.

If you interested in checking them out visit, them online at

If you do chose to buy one let them know I referred you 

January 20 Best organizing tips per room

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Staying organized is very hard especially if you have a busy home.

Kitchen- make sure all dishes are in the sink or dishwasher before you leave in the morning

Bathroom- try to keep items off the counter and put them in draws if you run out of space. Chances are you have to0 many items

Bedroom- clean out closets seasonally, get rid of items that no longer fit you properly

Living room – make sure you keep things tidy; everything should have a place, book in shelves, movies in racks , toys on binds

Garage- Keep items on shelves instead of floor space

Feature company yeg fairy terrariums 

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This week we are featuring a fantastic local company that creates terrariums 

1. Do you create custom pieces?Yes, I frequently create custom pieces!

2. How long do the terrariums take to make? Anywhere from one hour to many hours, as I hand-select plants and materials and create a unique design. 

3. What is the general price point for the pieces? My terrariums sell anywhere from $20 – $100.

4.what do you like most about creating them? I love incorporating nature into our modern lives. By creating terrariums I can express my creativity and love for all things green! can we get ahold of you?  I can be reached on facebook @yegfairyterrariums or on instagram @yogikailee.

Best tips to stay organized with kids

Hello everyone

We all know staying organized is hard, especially with kids. Our tips this week is to get kids involved in organizing , make a game out of it. As a kid I remember playing the clean up game. Timing kids to clean up as fast as they can can make it fun and interactive for all involved.

Also give kids responsibility for their items or spaces. Give them chores like

-Make bed everyday

-Pick up clothes