Stephanie was efficient in getting a quote to us and working with our realtor to get the house staged. The only wish would have been that the staging could have been done a bit faster (took a week +) to stage so delayed our listing a bit. In the end, our house looked great for our realtor’s photographer and videographer in making the space modern, light and airy and enhanced our listing quality. Thank you.  



Best Colour for selling

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You may have heard from realtors or other professionals to paint your home before selling; this is a very important part of selling your home especially if you have bright pink or lime green walls.

If you are considering painting, choose a warm and soothing colour. Lighter shades are more attractive to the eye and help buyers visualize their household items in the home.

Feature company Trendes Design 

Hello everyone 

This week we are featuring an amazing designer Valerie Kosik-Sawyer 

1. How long have you been in this industry?  I have been in the Interior Design Industry formally for 10 years. I worked in the high end fashion Industry for 10 years before this. I have 2 kids My daughter Mercedes is going into her second year of Bach. of Sciences and my son Trenton’s going in to grade 12.I have 3 Miniture Schnauzers Scamp, Pepper and Eris.  

2. What makes you different from other designers? When you invite me into your home we start a relationship. We go through what you are thinking of doing with your home and what would be your dreams. As we go through we are talking about your family and what they do and your plans on the future. I listen to what you “want” and what you “dream of” I ask before I come for you to look on Pinterest or have clippings of your dream spaces. From here we start to discuss the Real issues and the Flow of your space to give you the best Function for YOUR family. I do not believe we all lie like our neighbours we all need our houses to become our homes and they only become that when they function and flow fabulously for your family. During the process of shopping and choosing finishes since I clear bill you pay the discounted price that I have worked out with suppliers! Doing this my fee is usually equal or less then the discounts you receive on products.

3. What is a typical turn around time for a basement development? From the first meeting on a basement or kitchen renovation it takes (Depending on how quickly you can make final decisions on finishes) About 8-16 weeks. I know it is a four week buffer in there that is based on what we find after and during demolition. 

4.What is the starting price point for projects? A basic design meeting and consultation that we would pick colours and I help you with future placement leaving you with Ideas and a starting point of us moving forward is 300.00. Designing to live packages which include paint colour, shopping, picture hanging , furniture set up starts at 500.00. Project fees do vary as no two projects are the same amount of work. Basic small sized renovations start at 1500.00 and go up from there a “kitchen renovation” (usually a full main floor as we have open concept homes ) is 5000.00.

5. How can we get ahold of you? Please feel free to give me a call at 780-919-9036 and we can have a chat or set up a consultation or send me an email with pictures and we can start that way val@tren-desdesign.com Check out me website at: tren-desdesign.com 

Home improvement trend to avoid

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Following a trend can be a good or bad thing. Sometimes they last but other times, you lose money on them. Below are some home trends to avoid this year.

1.Avoid tired granite. When every first-time homeowner demands granite countertops, it’s a sure sign this once-prized amenity is no longer a can’t-miss draw. Stone countertops with strong colours or a conspicuous pattern are a love-it-or-leave-it proposition for potential buyers. If a buyer doesn’t like the stone, he’ll want to replace it—and he’ll factor the anticipated expense into his purchase decision.

For widest appeal, go with a countertop material that is low-maintenance and in a neutral tone. Some new variations of marble are finished to be less porous, and marble’s delicate gray veins are a timeless classic. Also, take a good look at solid-surface materials, which come in a spectrum of colours that add a splash of style without locking future owners into a certain look.

2. Have realistic expectations on return. The value of some home improvements diminishes with time: paint jobs chip, appliances break, floors wear out. In planning renovations, distinguish the permanent upgrades—structural changes, additions, and major overhauls of heating and cooling systems—from superficial improvements that swiftly lose their luster. If you won’t be putting your house on the market for at least another five years, expect to refresh the hardest-worn surfaces.

Pedestal Sinks

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Every year there is a new trend for home improvement that attracts potential buyers. One trend that had been consistent over the years is pedestal sinks especially in half bathrooms

The reason for this is that pedestal sinks have a clean polished look to them. They are also easy to clean, and they are farily inexpensive. Another attractive feature is that they are small and personal for 1/2 baths on main floor, or laundry rooms