Home improvement trend to avoid

Hello everyone

Following a trend can be a good or bad thing. Sometimes they last but other times, you lose money on them. Below are some home trends to avoid this year.

1.Avoid tired granite. When every first-time homeowner demands granite countertops, it’s a sure sign this once-prized amenity is no longer a can’t-miss draw. Stone countertops with strong colours or a conspicuous pattern are a love-it-or-leave-it proposition for potential buyers. If a buyer doesn’t like the stone, he’ll want to replace it—and he’ll factor the anticipated expense into his purchase decision.

For widest appeal, go with a countertop material that is low-maintenance and in a neutral tone. Some new variations of marble are finished to be less porous, and marble’s delicate gray veins are a timeless classic. Also, take a good look at solid-surface materials, which come in a spectrum of colours that add a splash of style without locking future owners into a certain look.

2. Have realistic expectations on return. The value of some home improvements diminishes with time: paint jobs chip, appliances break, floors wear out. In planning renovations, distinguish the permanent upgrades—structural changes, additions, and major overhauls of heating and cooling systems—from superficial improvements that swiftly lose their luster. If you won’t be putting your house on the market for at least another five years, expect to refresh the hardest-worn surfaces.


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