Cleaning tips

Hello everyone

If all else fails, hire a professional to clean your home. There are amazing companies out there that are willing and able to clean things you don’t have time to. There are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaner.

-They have a different view of your house:

When we live there we tend to let things pile up without noticing it; having someone with a clean eye come in and organize can help drastically

-They give you free time:

Think of all the time your spending cleaning your house, or thinking about cleaning your house; if you allow someone else to do it, you will have more time to enjoy your days off.



Everything was great with your services. Very professional and timely. I also appreciated how organized everything was you were right on top of everything. Although the property hasn’t sold I will be using your services in the future.
Thanks again, 

Cody Elford


Bottom Hole Properties Ltd.

Cleaning tips 

Hello everyone

Are you having trouble staying on top of cleaning your home?

Below is a list of thing to focus on per room


  1. -Wipe down sink 
  2. -Wipe down counters and stove
  3. -Remove items on counters that are not being used
  4. -Clean floor


  1. -Clean sink
  2. -Clean tub
  3. -Wipe down mirrors and counters
  4. -Clear counters and put away items into drawers
  5. -Clean toilet
  6. -Clean floor

Living Room

  1. -Tidy and straighten sofa and pillows
  2. -Remove clutter
  3. -Dust furniture
  4. -Vacuum rug


  1. -Dust nightstand and headboard
  2. -Dust pictures
  3. -Make bed
  4. -Pick up clothes
  5. -Open blinds or curtains to let light in


  1. -Go through papers and declutter
  2. -Dust desk
  3. -Empty garbage

Feature company Monat Lindsay Hilton

Hello everyone

This week we are featuring a great hair care product. Here is what Lindsay Hilton has to say about it.

My name is Lindsay Hilton. I’m an Independent Market Partner and Managing Market Mentor with Monat Global. I’m also a busy stay at home mom of two that’s grateful to have a job that works around my kids schedules. Whether it’s more money to pay bills, to travel or even financial freedom

ask me how a bottle of shampoo can change your life like its changing mine! long have you been in this industry?  I joined Monat on October 31st, 2015 so just about 10 months ago! I’ve dabbled in direct sales but didn’t do much with it until I found Monat. Their revolutionary products and compensation plan are like nothing I’ve ever seen!

2. who can benefit from your product? Monat has innovative botanically based anti aging hair care products! They are backed by 3rd party clinical trials and proven to make your hair grow longer, stronger, healthier, shinier, and be more manageable in 90 days or less. Whether you are thinning or balding, if you suffer from conditions such as alopecia or just want healthier hair we have a product for you!!
3.what is the general price point for your products?  Monat products are competitively prices with other high end salon brands! There are three different ways to get involved and it’s totally up to you! The first option is purchasing at full retail price plus shipping-I don’t typically promote this option just because you can get it for much cheaper! The second option is our VIP program. A one time $24.95 enrollment fee that guarantees you get 15% off your product and free shipping! You have complete control over when you receive your products, $12 credit as a thank you, $25 off every fourth order, ways to get free product, and a ton of other goodies! The third option is to become a Market partner like me It’s $125 to start up and you’ll get a kit loaded with everything you need to start a business! Your product is then 30% off and free shipping (flex-ship), PLUS you get to make some extra cash on the side! It comes with no obligations to sell and no minimums to meet. Everything but the kit I’ve mentioned comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee as well so there are no worries if you’re not totally in love with it!
4. What is your favourite product in this line and why? I love so many of our products it’s hard to pick a favourite but if I had to it would be our Rejuveniqe Oil. With 101 uses there isn’t much it can’t do and because it mimics our bodies own natural oils there is no greasy texture and it’s easily absorbed. Some of my favourite uses are applying it to my face morning and night, on my eyelashes for growth and in my hair for some added moisture!!
5. How long do these products last for? Monat products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way! A bottle of shampoo contains 90 washes so should last someone 3 months give or take depending on how often you wash and how much product you use. The best part is you can cut other products such as purple shampoo, heat and UV styling products out because Monat has them built in! It is also color safe and will help to extend the life of your hair color! can we get ahold of you?  You can contact me anytime for a FREE personal hair consultation by phone, text or email so that we can find the best products for you!
Lindsay Hilton

Independent Monat Market Partner and Managing Market Mentor


Cleaning tips 

Hello everyone

If you’re looking for a fantastic eco-friendly cleaner, look no further. “Clean conscience” is my all time favourite product to use around the house and on site during stagings. They are based out of St. Albert and have amazing smelling products; their products are made from essential oils; they smell natural and clean.

You can order online at  from there they can ether deliver to your door or you can pick up at their warehouse in St. Albert.

Cleaning tips 

Hello everyone

If we don’t stay on top of cleaning our homes it can get away from us. Below is a list of things that should be done daily, weekly and monthly


-Clear out and wipe down sinks

-Wipe down counters and stove

-Spot clean floor or sweep

-Wipe down mirrors

-Make bed

-Pick up clothes from floor

-Clear major clutter




-Wash floor


– Change sheets

-Dust furniture and pictures

-Spot clean walls

-Deep clean bathrooms and kitchens