Cleaning tips 

Hello everyone

Are you having trouble staying on top of cleaning your home?

Below is a list of thing to focus on per room


  1. -Wipe down sink 
  2. -Wipe down counters and stove
  3. -Remove items on counters that are not being used
  4. -Clean floor


  1. -Clean sink
  2. -Clean tub
  3. -Wipe down mirrors and counters
  4. -Clear counters and put away items into drawers
  5. -Clean toilet
  6. -Clean floor

Living Room

  1. -Tidy and straighten sofa and pillows
  2. -Remove clutter
  3. -Dust furniture
  4. -Vacuum rug


  1. -Dust nightstand and headboard
  2. -Dust pictures
  3. -Make bed
  4. -Pick up clothes
  5. -Open blinds or curtains to let light in


  1. -Go through papers and declutter
  2. -Dust desk
  3. -Empty garbage

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