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Staged to sell tips 

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When selling your home you need to sell it multiple times

1. First time to sell the property is online. Everyone is looking for homes online. If they see one that is photgraphed well and inviting, they may consider seeing it in person. But you only have 10 seconds before they continue clicking to the next one.

2. Drive by- Last week we discussed the importance of curb appeal. If you still don’t understand why this is important call me and I can help you out.

3. Walk throught the home, the first 60 seconds are when potential buyers will make up their mind. Most people buy on emotion. If the property doesn’t feel right to them, then they won’t make an offer.


We cant thank Unforgettablespaces enough for helping us sell our home. For 6 months we did not receive one serious offer. Then we switched realtors who recommended we try staging. Our new realtor conducted 2 showhomes on consecutive weekends and only after 2 weeks with our new realtor and with staging by Unforgettablespaces we received a credible offer. And today, as our first month of staging ends, we have sold our home.  
The transformation of our home thru staging is incredible. All I can say is if you want to enhance your chance of selling try staging with Unforgettablespaces. It was worth every penny.

-Peter Mack 

Staged to sell: Curb Appeal 

Hello everyone

The state of your curb appeal is make or break on the sale of your house.

When someone drives by the property and sees garbage or unkept lawn they will continue to drive by without going inside. This is because they think that because you didn’t take care of the lawn outside, you won’t be taking care of the property inside.

Make sure to do both, in winter shovel drives and walkways; in summer, keep grass cut and plant some nice inviting flowers. Also keep porch lights on to invite potential buyers into the home. 

Featured company cotton candy 

 Hello everyone 

Today we are featuring Cotton Candy tangible marketing solutions 


1. How long have you been in the industry? 

It will be nine (9) years in May

2. Currently, what is the most popular promotional product? 

Retractable charging cable:

3. What kind of budgets do you work with? 

Anything from $0.10 items to $1,000 items!

4. What is the turn around time for an order?

 From 24 hours for quick turn to 4 months for custom offshore production

5. How can we get ahold of you? 

Email or 780-721-5302

Staged to sell: Importance of home staging 

Hello everyone

Staging is vital in today’s market; if you decide not to stage here is what you’re missing

1. The emotional connection is lost. People don’t just buy houses; they buy a lifestyle.  An expensive purchase, such as buying a house, is an enormous decision for most people.  For them, it has to feel right; they should fall in-love and connect with the house, which is the goal of home staging.  Sellers should successfully tap into the buyer’s emotions to help motivate them to buy, which is the opposite of what a vacant property does. A vacant house feels dull and lifeless; therefore, the emotional connection is LOST.

2. The flaws are magnified. With only floors, walls, and ceiling to look at, and with no furniture, home accessories, and other decorative elements to keep buyer’s eyes busy, they will scrutinize even the smallest flaws of the house.  Dated fixtures, stained carpeting, ugly switch plates, paint colour, and even nail holes, small cracks or gaps also seem to be magnified. Not to mention, the rooms tend to look awkward and smaller without furniture.

3. Buyers are distracted. Selling a vacant home can send so many wrong signals to buyers that may lead to a lower offer.  Buyers might think: There is NO clear room function and NO point of reference. Vacant homes are the slowest to sell compared to staged or occupied listings because buyers are often unsure if they can function and perform their daily routines in the house. This is especially true for smaller homes or homes with odd lay outs; buyers are just lost. Without furniture, most buyers cannot visualize the true potential of each room.  Instead, they are stuck with questions like:

Where is the dining area?

Where is the TV going?

Where should the sofa go?

Will my furniture fit in the rooms?

5. Vacant houses don’t show well. With so many listing in the market, to catch the buyer’s attention, you have give it nice packaging, make it shine, and market it well. Otherwise, your house may sit in the market, for who knows how long, and collect dust and get pushed at the back of the bin.

5. Lastly, consider your online listing photos.These days, 94% of buyers do their initial search online. If your house doesn’t show well in the photos or doesn’t have an edge versus staged or occupied online listings, buyers will click away to the next one.

6. Home staging is a smart investment that can sell your home faster and for more money.  It is a proven marketing tool that can give you extra money (studies have shown that buyers are willing to pay an extra $25,000 – $70,000 over asking for a house they like).  On the other hand, by selling a vacant house, your asking price will be the only marketing /negotiating tool you’ll have, which is a big mistake that can cost you dearly.