Paw Pet Spa 

Hello everyone

If you’re looking for an amazing local groomer, I would highly suggest the Paw Pet Spa in Edmonton.

My dog Jango has been going there for years and they take the time to play with him if he is too excited. He gets so excited and he is always so clean and happy when I take him home.

The experience and service provided by the Paw Pet Spa is amazing. 

Check out there website and give them a all today! 



Unforgettable Spaces was able to answer to my needs and remain flexible to my last minute requests. Staging offers buyers a true sense of what lifestyle a house can offer in highlighting its true attributes. 
Without Stephanie’s staging service, I am convinced the house would not have sold in such a short timeline. Moreover, we sold at a price we were happy with. 

Thank you! 

Feature company Dawn McCorry doula 

Dawn’s journey in yoga began when she was pregnant with her second son. Wanting to discover a way to be more connected with her body and baby, she found yoga. Within the first few moments of practicing she knew she had found what she was looking for. Her yoga practice was integral in her ability to bring a serene and open environment to her labor and deliveries. She had a new found trust and connection to the process that she discovered in her asana and mediation practice. Dawn brings a calm and loving environment to all her classes; Prenatal, Postnatal, and Hatha.During her first labour and delivery Dawn experienced a classic case of the cascade of interventions; she did a ton of research and educated herself for her next delivery which went exactly how she wanted. For her second and third pregnancies she had a loving female in the room with her during her births, she was amazed at the difference it made in her ability to cope and find strength. Dawn wanted to be able to give this to other woman and their partners in their pregnancies and births. Dawn loves the birthing power that is given to woman through the proper support and education from a birth doula. Also the beautiful after effects that occur with a greater connection with their babies after a positive birthing experience that will last a life time. She looks forward to passing on the endless benefits of doula support and yoga to you. Namaste

1. How long have you been a doula?

I have been a Doula for over 6 years now. In those six years I have supported all different types of births; hospital births, birth center births, home births, single moms, VBACS, water births, and planned caesarean sections.

2. How many clients do you schedule at once?

I really prefer to only have one client a month. Of course, birth being unpredictable as it is, some babies are born early and others post dates. So, I have ended up with up to three births in one month.
3. Is there a wait list? 

My return clients have often asked me the day they find out they are pregnant to be their Doula again so they can book me. Woman should do their research to know what kind of Doula they would like to support them and look at meeting a few during their second trimester and definitely hire as soon as they have decided to not be disappointed. Some of the most important work as Doulas often occurs before the actual birth. I meet with my clients twice in their pregnancy for prenatal appointments. In order to have time to book those appointments, you will want to hire a doula within your second trimester or very early into your third.

4. What is your favourite part of being a doula?

My favourite part about being a doula is witnessing a woman’s pure power and transition into motherhood. No matter what kind of birth a woman has she will learn so much about herself, her strength in body and in voice, her determination, she will discover her true needs and the needs of her baby and know how amazingly individual she is and how beautiful it is to stand in your true self.

5. How can we get ahold of you?

Anyone looking for birth doula services or any questions about my services as well as, prenatal and postnatal yoga can email me at

Thanks so much
Dawn McCorry

Birth Doula, CD(DONA)


Do’s and Don’ts for selling with pets 

Hello everyone

If you have a furry friend or if your kids have a furry friend, below are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when selling


-Inform the realtor that there is a pet on site

-Clear all toys and pet items

-Vacuum any pet hair

-Take your pet out of the home for showings and open houses


Let the animal walk all over potential buyers

-Forget to clean up their waste 

-Lock pet in room

Do pets sell homes? 

Hello everyone

Pets you either love them or hate them. Selling a home with pets may be tricky. It all depends on the location and type or property.

If you live in a condo that allows pets, hightlight that as much as you possibly can, most young couples or young individuals who are looking into purchasing a property like pets. If they are allowed to have pets, then it is a huge perk!

If you are living in a duplex or town home with no yard, try to avoid highlighting pets. If you do have a pet and want to avoid removing them, highlight the walking trails around your property.