Early this year, Jean’s dad, Lawrence decided to move out of his condo to a retirement community downtown. He was excited to be closer to the arts district and his beloved Alberta College, where he is taking music lessons for multiple instruments. Upon finding an opening at the Churchill he was ready to move from his south side condo.
With little preparation he put his condo up for sale. Unfortunately, the initial listing pictures showed poorly and there were very few showings. Lawrence was getting discouraged and was concerned he would need to move back.
We told him to stay put and we offered our assistance in upgrading the appearance of the condo to re list the space. We showed Stephanie from Unforgettable Spaces the pictures and she provided a quick top 5 items that could immediately make a difference. Jean felt we should go further and contacted Stephanie to do a complete site review. Stephanie’s thorough assessment gave us a game plan to proceed with, to get the condo ready to be sold.
Stephanie and her team did a fantastic staging job; truly enhancing the condo and providing a optimal first impression opportunity. The new listing photos set the condo apart from others on the market and in person the condo felt warm and inviting. New owners could now, easily see themselves in the space.

Jean and myself, highly recommend Stephanie Lycka and the team at Unforgettable Spaces. Job Well Done!
Cheers Jean & Ross Hodgins


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