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How can staging help me ?

Hello everyone

If you are still on the fence about staging, talk to a home stager. They are there to help you an answer all your questions. Whether the property is vacant or occupied.

Home stagers are trained in their field and have years of experience.

Is staging worth it? February 16

Hello everyone

Staging is worth it! There are still some realtors out there who would rather lower the price point of the home then stage, but typically this takes longer to sell the home.

A staged home sell 50% faster then unstaged homes and for asking price, which means you don’t have to lower the price point to sell the property.

Who should stage?

Hello everyone

Personally, I think everyone selling a home should use staging. Being in this industry for the last 6 years. I’ve had experience with many clients who have listed without staging and received no offers, then decided to stage and received multiples offers.

Staging helps showcase your home in the best light to attract the right buyers