Occupied vs vacant staging

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We have recently had questions about the difference between occupied properties and vacant properties.

Occupied properties occur when someone is living there, whether it is the home owner or a renter. If someone is going in our out of the property, we are limited on what we can rent out to you. This is for safety reasons and cleanliness purposes.. For occupied properties, we can rent out pictures and hard goods (vases and frames that are easy to clean). However if you are living on the property, and the home is very clean or you’re going on vacation, we can work something out to rent furniture if it is needed.

Vacant properties are empty properties. These are typically properties that are new builds, or recently moved out properties.


Timeline for staging

Hello everyone

Vacant staging typically takes 1 week to prepare for the staging, shopping, delivery set up as well pulling specific items for the project. Once we are on site, the set up takes 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the property. We will follow up 2-5 days before the end of the contract to see if you would like to continue or have the items pulled. If you are looking for a staging on a short timeline, we may be able to help you, however, additional fees may apply.

On the other hand,  for vacant properties, depending on your schedule, we can typically set up an appointment within a few days. On site consultation takes around 1-1.5 hours

Process of staging

Hello everyone

Unforgettable Spaces has a specific process to stage each property. For vacant properties, we ask that the client send pictures or set up a time for a consult (charges may apply for on site consults).

From that point on, we will provide different quotes that you can pick from. We tend to give 3-4 different options to highlight the most important rooms of the home. Once the quote is revised and the contract is signed the rest is up to us. We will do all the ground work, heavy lifting and on site set up. We will follow up every month to see if you have received any feedback or sold the property. From that point we can either renew or de-stage.

For occupied properties, ones that are lived in, we start by setting up a consult to meet with the home owners. We do a complete walk through pointing out the work that needs to be done in each space. After the consult you will receive a full write up.