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Your home should sparkle and be insanely clean when selling. Spaces like kitchens and bathrooms need to be spotless. If these areas are messy, it will turn away potential buyers.



Hello everyone,

To draw people into your property, you will need good quality pictures. Typically pictures should be taken after the property is staged and cleaned. The reason pictures are so important is because most people look online first before coming out to view the properties.

I tend to stay away from MLS pictures because they usually make me angry.


Hello everyone

Marketing your property is just as important as staging and using a good realtor. To market your property, you need to have leverage to draw people in. You can market your property on many different levels.

1. In person, your realtor should be doing at least 2-3 open houses a month until your property is sold.

2. Online, MLS is a great place for listing all home, however adding a post on Facebook or Instagram can attract more potential buyers.

3. Word of mouth, let your family and friends help you out by spreading the word that your home is for sale.

Good realtor

Hey everyone

It is vital to use a good realtor when selling your home. There are so many realtors out there and they are not all the same. Please make sure to do your research before listing with just anyone.

You will want to make sure that you click with them and understand where they are coming from. Some realtors will just put a for sale sign up and let it sit till it sells. Others will have open houses every weekend until it is sold. These two types of realtors are VERY different. So how do you know if the realtor is good?

1. Get a referral from a trusted friend or colleague .

2. Do your research, view other listings and make sure the online pictures are of good quality

3. Read reviews on the realtors that you are interested in.

You don’t want to waste your time when selling a house; make sure a good realtor has your back.