Best flowers to plant

Hello everyone,

When selling your home and creating the best curb appeal, one of the easiest way to boost the curb appeal is by planting flowers. Below are some of the best flowers to plant.

1. Roses,  Roses have a universal appeal to homeowners, even those that aren’t into gardening. Although old-fashioned and heirloom roses look stunning with their cabbage-sized blooms and sweet perfume, the installation of a few modern ever-blooming roses is a smart choice when preparing to sell a home.

2. Lavender,  Not all of us are lucky enough to live in Provence, but we can import the famous lavender flowers famous in the south of France to our gardens. Not only will your lavender flowers woo home shoppers with their glorious scent, you can tell admirers that the blossoms are edible too, lending a delicate perfume to honey and sorbet. Lavender needs little else besides full sun and well-drained soil to grow.

3. Tulips, These “dig and done” flowers can be your secret weapon if you have a planting window in the fall before you put your house on the market. Although tulips are a spring-blooming flower, the season can be stretched over a period of several weeks by planting a selection of early, mid, and late blooming tulips

4. Hydrangeas, From Toronto to Texas, there’s a hydrangea that will welcome house hunters to your property. Plant a compact type like ‘Bombshell’ by your front door, or anchor the corner of your landscape with the large shrub ‘Grandiflora.’  Blue varieties need acidic soil to produce blue flowers, so keep some aluminum sulfate on hand if your hydrangea flowers are more pink than you would like.

5. Sunflowers, A sunflower patch ties together a cottage garden the way few other flowers can. In addition to making a strong floral statement from a distance, you can use sunflowers to screen an unattractive utility box or air conditioning unit. Sunflowers grow in all climates, but you need to give these plants time to mature when starting from seed; giant types may take four months to flower.


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