Hello everyone,

Textures are a beautiful way to add dimension to a small space. Textures can be added to rooms in pillows, curtains or even wall paper if appropriate.

One thing to avoid when playing with textures is mixing too many patterns together.



Hello everyone,

Colour can play a huge part in how big your space feels. Darker walls feel heavy, making the room feel small and lighter, brighter colours help open up the space.

If your planning on painting to sell, be sure to talk to a professional.


Hello Everyone,

If you are selling a condo or small townhouse, mirrors can help you. Although mirrors are hard to hang and are heavy, they help open up the space and make it feel much larger. Mirrors can be used in hallways, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Mirrors can also be place by an entrance back or front depending on how much wall space there is.


Hello everyone,

Rugs can make or break your space especially if it is a small space. When preparing your home for sale, rugs should always be used.

Make sure there is a rug in the main entrance. This is important so potential buyers can remove their shows and avoid messing up your front entrance.

The second space rugs should be used is in the living room. When staging, I typically use 5×7 rugs to ground a space. The addition of rugs makes the room feel warm and inviting and cozy. Make sure to use rugs on all types of floor (laminate, wood and others)