Is staging worth it?

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Staging is worth it! There are still some realtors out there who would rather lower the price point of the home then stage, but typically this takes longer to sell the home.

A staged home sell 50% faster then unstaged homes and for asking price, which means you don’t have to lower the price point to sell the property.



Hello everyone

The Dining room and kitchen are typically the heart of the home. Families like to spend time together, over meals, and that is why these spaces are so important to stage.

Kitchens should be warm, inviting and most importantly clean. If your kitchen is a mess, it shows potential buyers that you do not care about your home. In our staging, we like to add pops of colour in these areas.

Dining rooms are important to stage because potential buyers need to know how much room they have; we do not clutter the dining room with furniture but we do add just enough to showcase how large the spaces is.


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There are so many different materials that you can use to modernize and freshen up your space. In the past, a home might have one metal type used in décor, be it platinum, gold or silver. Today, you can mix metals, creating a cohesive and modern look.

Materials can help give your home personality without being too personal; make sure to use the right materials to attract not only buyers but the right buyers for your home.

Children’s rooms

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Children’s rooms can be a huge selling feature, especially if the potential buyers are young couples or young families.

Here is a general checklist to keep in mind when considering setting up children room for sale. Keep in mind everything in the room should have a place.

Remove all names

Remove dirty laundry

Remove toys that are on the floor

– Make beds

– Dust furniture

– Remove personal pictures

– Declutter bookshelves


Hello everyone,

Hobbies- we all have them but how do they affect selling your home. Well it really depends on the hobbies. Something like a large collection of cat figurines or an altar to a family member may turn off potential buyers.

However, if you have a smaller collection of china, or coins, that can definitely stay and may add personality to your home. Be caution of what you keep in the home as items may disappear during showings and open houses.

Safety first

Hello everyone,

As stated in my previous blog last week, safety should be a priority when selling your home. If you are well known in the community or have your own business, people may be interested in seeing how and where you live.

Remove all chances of this by removing anything with a name, bills, certificates, child names, as well as family pictures.

For pictures, it may be tricky to know what to keep and what to get rid of . The general rule that I like to use is, if it is a pictures of one person and there are many of them, best to remove them. But if it is a collage or a candid shot they can stay.

How to keep personality in homes

Hello everyone,

All homes need to have personality but not be personal. This statement can be very confusing for potential buyers. How do you keep personality in homes?

All family photos that are large scale or anything with a name should be removed. This is more for safety reasons than anything; you don’t want potential buyers looking at names on bills or names in children rooms and start to wonder have I met this person before? Have I seen them in the grocery store? Keep your family safe by removing these items.

The major things that can help keep personality in homes, and set you apart from others, is colour in the home. Large pieces of bright art can help potential buyers be interested in the home.

Other things that are important is the “feel” of the home. If your home is inviting, you will have a much better chance of selling. Cozy rugs, throws, warm lighting can all help with this.