Master bedroom

Hello everyone,

Master bedrooms should feel like a spa. Do you come home after a long day and look forward to crawling into bed? Do you ever enjoy a cup of coffee in bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Now picture how that feels.

That feeling is what we try to incorporate into our Master Bedroom staging. A sense of calm and relaxation. Master bedrooms are havens to many and that’s how it should be set up when selling your home.



Hello everyone

The Dining room and kitchen are typically the heart of the home. Families like to spend time together, over meals, and that is why these spaces are so important to stage.

Kitchens should be warm, inviting and most importantly clean. If your kitchen is a mess, it shows potential buyers that you do not care about your home. In our staging, we like to add pops of colour in these areas.

Dining rooms are important to stage because potential buyers need to know how much room they have; we do not clutter the dining room with furniture but we do add just enough to showcase how large the spaces is.

Living room

Hello everyone,

There are many rooms in your home. What rooms should you stage? This month we will be explaining why specific rooms are important to stage.

Starting with the living room: If you have roommates or children, you may spend time in the living room together playing games, watching movies and socializing.

It is important to stage the living room to showcase how much space there is to fit furniture. In our living room staging, we typically use a sofa, rug, coffee table and two chairs depending on the size of the room.


Hello everyone

This year we’ll see extreme dark and light stains, as well as designs that mix the two. If updating your floors is on your to-do list, wide planks (5 to 7 inches) are trendy.

Lighter honey tones are all the rage. They lend a more casual look and are a welcome alternative to the more traditional chestnut brown tones. If you gravitate toward the darker stains, then opt for a tone closer to ebony. The idea is to pick a side: light or dark.

If you’re more of a risk taker, however, a new trend is to mix the two variations. This can get “busy’’ quickly, so if you choose this option, you’ll want the rest of the room to have little or no pattern.