simple home staging tips

Simple Home Staging Tips

The little things you do when staging your home in Edmonton’s real estate market can make a big difference. There are several simple yet effective tips you can use to win over your Edmonton real estate buyers. The secret is to pay attention to detail.

These three simple tips for a more effective home staging.

1. Cleaning

No one wants a home with unclean tiles, dirty rooms and stained walls. Make sure to clean your home thoroughly, leaving behind no visible stains or dirt. However, avoid leaving overpowering scents of strong cleaning chemicals which may end up working against your favour.

2. Making your house feel like home

You may feel at home, but your potential buyers may not. A home should be welcoming with a sense of comfort. In addition to cleanliness and orderliness, aroma helps as well. Some stagers suggest baking treats for your potential buyers to make them feel welcomed. Gorgeous looking fresh flowers and plants can also improve air quality and make your home feel fresh and welcoming.

3. Personal touches

While it is important to get rid of personal items, your home needs to be infused with personal touches to appeal to your potential real estate buyers. You can hang up beautiful artworks on your walls, integrate unique furniture, create paint patterns on your walls and fix personal lighting that complements your home setting.

Home staging is essential to stand out in any real estate market. Keep these tips in mind as you stage your home in Edmonton .


effective home staging

Effective Home Staging

Home staging is a great marketing strategy for potential buyers in YEG’s dynamic and competitive real estate market, but your home staging strategy needs to be effective to get the results you are looking for. An effective staging will improve sales by providing you with a competitive edge.

To implement an effective home staging strategy to attract the right buyers,

1. Notice the trends

You need to understand who your potential buyers are and what they are expecting. To know this, you will have to identify the current trends. You can analyze social media real estate communities, especially those related to your target area (ex. YEG). Once you identify the current trends, you can cater to you potential buyers’ expectations accordingly.

2. Make your home appealing

Make sure to declutter and depersonalize – remove personal items and only keep the necessary items. Some professional stagers advice to place only half of the room’s furniture. Make sure to update old furniture and hardware and repair any damages as well. You can have someone else walk through your home to spot damages you may have overlooked. Depending on your budget, you can make other renovations such as replacing an old lighting fixture and repainting.

3. Add little touches

While the big changes will make a big difference, small changes can also go a long way.

• Keep the rooms as bright as possible

• A welcome mat can be used to greet your potential buyers

• A display of fresh flowers

• A bowl of fresh fruits in the kitchen

home staging vs doing it yourself

Professional Home Staging vs Doing It Yourself

Home staging continues to be a great tactic used to secure sales in real estate markets. The YEG real estate market is no exception. Home staging is highly effective as it works by trying to make buyers feel at home. But, is it worth investing in a professional home stager or should you just stage your home by yourself? As with any job, hiring a professional is always recommended.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for a professional home stager.

1. Quality

The skills and wealth of experience of a professional home stager will always reflect in the quality of their work. The quality of your home staging will influence how ‘at home’ your potential buyers will feel. A job well-done is more likely to win over the hearts of potential buyers.

2. Making the right decision

Home staging goes beyond just decorating houses. The right decisions need to be made – the chosen furniture and accessories need to complement the house. Professionals can pay attention to the small details that guide them to make better choices, which are easy for amateurs to overlook.

3. Time

A professional will no doubt save you time, energy, and needless frustration. They are more efficient in making the most out of the resources they have to work with, which includes your budget, the space and the time limit. They already know what works and what doesn’t.

Home staging is an art – it is always safer to work with an artist skilled in the art.

importance of home staging

The Importance of Home Staging


One of the most precious possessions of any person is their home. It’s the place they can truly call their own and something that represents who they are. It’s always sad when you have to move away from a place and sell or rent it. It’s a huge change that may leave you feeling worse for wear emotionally. However, one thing you need to do when selling your home is stage it. 

How is Home Staging Important?

Home staging is the practice of preparing and setting up a home for sale or rent. Although it may seem cruel, its benefits far outweigh anything else. In a way, it ends up adding value to your home. A presentable house for sale is far more alluring than one that does not look as good. When buying houses, people are mostly in search of aesthetic value and home staging can help you set yours apart from the competition. 

Moreover, home staging allows you to showcase your home in the best way manageable. It’s like a parting gift to the home by giving it a great touch up. Furthermore, having a professional home stager help you allows you to give your home the best possible makeover. Having someone who only treats your house like a structure with space, instead of holding emotional value for it, allows better staging. 

Finally, having your house staged can help you move past it. It will feel like someone else’s house while you’re living in it. It’s a way to help you cope with the huge change that’s about to come.

Is staging worth it?

Hello everyone

Staging is worth it! There are still some realtors out there who would rather lower the price point of the home then stage, but typically this takes longer to sell the home.

A staged home sell 50% faster then unstaged homes and for asking price, which means you don’t have to lower the price point to sell the property.


Hello everyone

The Dining room and kitchen are typically the heart of the home. Families like to spend time together, over meals, and that is why these spaces are so important to stage.

Kitchens should be warm, inviting and most importantly clean. If your kitchen is a mess, it shows potential buyers that you do not care about your home. In our staging, we like to add pops of colour in these areas.

Dining rooms are important to stage because potential buyers need to know how much room they have; we do not clutter the dining room with furniture but we do add just enough to showcase how large the spaces is.


Hello everyone;

There are so many different materials that you can use to modernize and freshen up your space. In the past, a home might have one metal type used in décor, be it platinum, gold or silver. Today, you can mix metals, creating a cohesive and modern look.

Materials can help give your home personality without being too personal; make sure to use the right materials to attract not only buyers but the right buyers for your home.