Showings 101

Hello everyone,

If your selling your house, chances are they may be a few showings or open houses. Below are a few things to keep in mind to prepare for them

  1. 1- Clean up, make space sparkle
  2. 2- Remove all personal items
  3. 3- Remove pets if possible
  4. 4- Remove yourself, if possible go for a walk, visit a friend
  5. 5- Turn on all lights
  6. 6- Keep temperature around 20.c to create an inviting atmosphere
  7. 7- Water lawn 10 mins before showing it is summer
  8. 8- Spray something nice or light a candle for a few minutes

Feature company Kristilee parish 

Hello everyone 

This week we are featuring an amazing photographer who we have done lots of business with. 

1. How long have you been in business? This is my fifth year in business

2. What type of photography do you provide? I have two separate companies. One specializing in weddings and portraits. As well as where I specialize in residential and commercial property photography. 

3. What is your favourite type of photography to do and why? Can I have two? I would have to say weddings for one of them because they are so personal and I get to be apart of someones biggest day of their lives. As well I love photographing beautifully designed spaces, the creativity that is involved with showcasing spaces as a whole as well as showcasing all the details is what I love. 

4. What is your typical turn around time? For smaller commercial jobs for properties my turn around time is usually around 48 hours. 

5.How can we get ahold of you?  Through either one of my websites! 

Everyday tips for occupied selling 

Hello everyone

When selling your house keep these top 10 things in mind to do everyday:

  1. 1-Clean counters and sink
  2. 2- Sweep floor
  3. 3- Remove personal items from kitchen and bathroom counters
  4. 4- Make bed
  5. 5- Remove clothes from floor
  6. 6- Close closet doors
  7. 7- Hang towels
  8. 8- Keep temperature at 20.C to allow the atmosphere to be inviting
  9. 9- empty garbages
  10. 10- Open windows 5 mins each morning and night to air out space.
  11. 11- Remember selling your home has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with the potential buyers visiting your home


Unforgettable Spaces is so unique in that it was the only company that offered us options to choose from. We had to arrange the staging long-distance from Mexico and Stephanie and her crew made it so easy and seamless. We were so very pleased with the arrangement chosen, all expedited quickly and with the minimum of stress – actually, no stress to us at all.Thank you to Stephanie – the pictures were great and we have already recommended your services to others – you are so professional and so very good at what you do.- Ann Pugh jones