Home Staging trends; sinks

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Kitchen and bathroom sinks have a great ROI when selling your home. If you’re looking to really draw in buyers with your kitchen and bathrooms, consider the following:

-Concrete sinks

-Copper sinks

-Stone sinks

-Bucket sinks

-Trough sinks

-Patterned ceramic sinks

-The modern farmhouse trend is still a big one, which means those trough sinks could really up your buyer’s interest.



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A positive first impression can make or break any transaction

Soliciting the skills of a talented Home Staging Professional like Stephanie MacDonald will ensure potential buyers 1st impressions are not left to chance.

Earlier this year, my father in law sold his condo in just 2 days after it was professionally staged by Stephanie and the team at Unforgettable Spaces. Prior to that, it has been on the market nearly 8 months with a negligible success, very few showings an no tangible results. Stephanie offered some very helpful tips, organized some much needed touch ups, researched the area to determine the best potential buyers to target with her staging methods and viola within 2 days of it being staged and re listed it sold.

If you are a realtor do your clients a favour, stage with stephanie. If you are a homeowner planning to sell, stage with stephanie. If you are helping a family member prepare for selling a home stage with stephanie.

I highly recommend Stephanie MacDonald and the team at Unforgettable Spaces. Remember- stage with stephanie


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Hello everyone;

There are so many different materials that you can use to modernize and freshen up your space. In the past, a home might have one metal type used in décor, be it platinum, gold or silver. Today, you can mix metals, creating a cohesive and modern look.

Materials can help give your home personality without being too personal; make sure to use the right materials to attract not only buyers but the right buyers for your home.


Hello everyone

When selling your house, the best trend is to stick with is neutral colours . Neutral colours are a fantastic way to sell your house because all potential buyers can relate to them and it will help them picture their life in the home. For 2018, the neutral colour trends are cream, white. Beige is also making a comeback.