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Tips on grass care

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Here are some great grass care tips to make sure your lawn is in its best shape for selling your home. Summer heat can take a toll on turf, especially when your lawn care program falls short. If you mow too low, water too much or too little, or ignore early signs of pests, your grass could quickly become lackluster or even die in small or large patches. Keep your lawn looking its best all summer long by mastering these 10 summer care tips.

1. Mow at the right height.
In summer, adjust your mower height to leave grass taller. Taller grass shades soil, which reduces water evaporation, leads to deeper roots and prevents weed seeds from germinating. Ideal mowing height varies with grass type. Time mowings so you’re never removing more than one-third of the leaf surface at a time.

2. Water properly.
For the healthiest grass, water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Check with your local water authority or Cooperative Extension office for recommended irrigation schedules. Discover tips on how much water a lawn needs. Learn the basics of lawn watering.

3. Treat for grubs.
Japanese beetles, June bugs (beetles) and European chafers lay eggs in grass in early to midsummer. Eggs hatch into grubs in mid- to late summer. Timing varies by beetle and region. Check with your local Cooperative Extension office to determine the best time to put down grub control.

4. Clean up after your pooch.
The family dog can cause dead spots on a lawn. If you see dying grass due to your dog’s urination, flush the area with water to dilute the urine in soil. The best solution is to create a mulched or pebbled area and train your dog to use that area for bathroom breaks. Also, keep waste picked up and dispose of it properly.

5. Avoid parking on the grass.
Driving or parking on the lawn is never a good idea. It leads to soil compaction, which can cause a host of other problems, including dead grass. During drought or times of excessive heat, it’s even wise to limit foot traffic on grass to avoid damaging turf crowns.


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To draw people into your property, you will need good quality pictures. Typically pictures should be taken after the property is staged and cleaned. The reason pictures are so important is because most people look online first before coming out to view the properties.

I tend to stay away from MLS pictures because they usually make me angry.


Hello everyone

Marketing your property is just as important as staging and using a good realtor. To market your property, you need to have leverage to draw people in. You can market your property on many different levels.

1. In person, your realtor should be doing at least 2-3 open houses a month until your property is sold.

2. Online, MLS is a great place for listing all home, however adding a post on Facebook or Instagram can attract more potential buyers.

3. Word of mouth, let your family and friends help you out by spreading the word that your home is for sale.