5 questions to ask before hiring a stage


Hello everyone,

A staged home makes a great impressions on buyers. But if you’re not able to stage it yourself, how do you find the right person for the job?

1. Portfolio. All professional home stagers should have a portfolio available for viewing. If they do not, check out their website for before/ after photos.

2. Training- The home staging industry is largely unregulated, so it’s important to find out if the stager has been trained and what their certifications mean. What is their background? Have they staged home before? What are their results?

3. Specialty- Many stagers specialize in a specific type of home. Condo’s, luxury home or single family homes. Do your homework and make sure the stager specializes in what your looking for.

4. Communication- Communication is key. Make sure the stager can communicate with clients professionally and compassionately.


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How to add curb appeal to condos.


Hello everyone,

Curb appeal is important for every space, even condos. Here is how to make sure your condo listings create a great first impression.

1. Make the front door shine. Keep it simple, clean, and attractive. Remove knicknacks such as wind chimes and add a potted plant and a door mat.


2. Get help from neighbours. A friendly smile from a neighbour can be just what a buyer needs to make an offer. The vibe of the apartment complex is very important.

3. Team up with the hoa.( head of apartment) If there is many units for sale in the same building, why not work together to make sure the building is looking its best. Small improvements such as sprucing up the lobby, planting flowers, or adding lighting can make all the difference.

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