best ROI for selling homes

Best ROI for Selling Homes

As you stage your Edmonton home to impress real estate buyers, you may want spend your money wisely when it comes to upgrading. While some upgrades may increase the value of your home in Edmonton’s real estate market, some may not be worth the time, money and effort. So, you have to figure out which home upgrades will maximize the return on your investment at a reasonable cost.

Here are 3 upgrades that are known to have the best return on investment in the real estate market.

1. Painting

Painting can transform a house with just a few brush strokes. However, you will have to be careful about your selection some colors may not appeal to your potential buyers. Professional home stagers advice that warm neutral colors work best – beige, tan, gray, and gold.

2. Small repairs

Small repairs can make a very big difference. While the small damages may not seem obvious to you, any spotted damage will have a negative impact on your potential buyers. A home free of damages will give your potential buyers a sense of relief.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning your home will have an immediate return on investment as everyone wants to come home to a clean house. You will have to clean both inside and outside the house – the floors, windows, tables, the lawn. You will also have to remove any unpleasant odors.

These upgrades require much less investment in comparison to the return you will get. Make sure to prioritize these upgrades as you stage your Edmonton home.


closet staging

Closet Staging

For most of us, the closet is where our day starts and ends. The closet is, however, sadly where we usually stuff almost everything. Nevertheless, closet staging is an important part of home staging. As sufficient storage is a ‘must-have’ for buyers, closet staging done right can help you with sales in any real estate market. Closet staging is especially crucial for occupied homes.

Get your closet back to order with these steps and make it appeal to your buyers.

1. Fix damages

Make sure to double-check and repair the doors, the lighting, the shelves and the paint. The doors should open and close properly, the lighting should be ambient, the shelves should be strong and stable, and the paintings should not be flaky or peeling off.

2. Declutter

Remove any personal items (pictures, cards, letters) that could prevent buyers from visualizing the closet as their own. Only keep items that are more universal (clothes, shoes, accessories). Also get rid of older and unpleasant-looking items.

3. Organize your clothes

Organize your clothes by length and color with matching hangers. Space your clothes evenly once they have been organized.

4. Organize your shoes

Arrange your shoes on the shoe rack in tidy pairs. Make sure to evenly space the shoes across the rack.

5. The final touches

If there are some empty shelves, place in other items that universally belong in closets – accessories, towels, pillows, hats.

Some additional helpful tips:

1. Keep the bottom of the closet 90% empty

2. Keep the top of the closet 50% empty

3. Avoid empty hangers

Rooms to focus on when staging

Home Staging

For the real estate market in Edmonton and in general, home staging is crucial for better house sales. Home staging goes beyond just decorating and cleaning rooms. There are certain rooms usually prioritized by buyers which influence their decision to proceed with the purchase.

1. Living Room

Family bonding at home is very important. Being generally one of the most lived-in rooms in a home where family and friends gather to spend quality time, the living room should be staged to look and feel cozy.

2. Dining Room

As a room where family and friends gather to have their meals daily and on special occasions, the dining room should be staged to look sophisticated with a comfy feel.

3. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are personal retreats, where you rest and recharge every night. The bedrooms should give a sense of relaxation and a feel of privacy.

4. Bathroom

Convenient and comfortable bathrooms are must-haves in a home. As a place of peace and solitude where we refresh ourselves daily, the bathrooms should be staged with all the essentials.

5. Kitchen

Food is an important part of our lives. As the room where food is prepared and stored, the kitchen is almost always the heart of a home. The kitchen should look and feel convenient.

Focus on these rooms when staging your homes to capture more sales in Edmonton’s real estate market. Also ensure that the rooms are clean and free of clutter.

Always remember that ‘a home is more than just a house’ when you stage a home.

how to stand out in a spring market

How to Stand Out in Spring Market – Tips

As we transition from the lull of winter into the warmth of spring when the gardens are lush, the real estate market traditionally picks up. Yes, home staging is crucial to make your Edmonton home stand out from the increased competition but there is more you can do to stand out even more.

After staging your Edmonton home, make sure to outshine your competition in this spring real estate market with these tips.

1. Hire a professional photographer

Photography has become an essential element of real estate marketing with endless benefits. It showcases the stylish features of your home in a manner that appeals to prospective buyers. Professional photographs after home staging guarantee crisp, high quality photographs that will accentuate the key features of your Edmonton home.


2. Hire a fantastic realtor to market your property 

Although some owners may sell their homes without a realtor, many are not so successful. Professional realtors make a big difference. Realtors have a wealth of experience in buying and selling homes – they know what works and what doesn’t. They also know how to make an impression on prospective buyers as they have worked with many real estate buyers from different walks of life over the years. 


3. Have a curb appeal

Curb appeal is a key factor to the success of a real estate sale. The appeal refers to the visual appearance and the attractiveness of a property, as well as its surroundings. Curb appeal is essential to make a solid impression and win over the hearts of your prospective buyers. 




spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips 

As the days become longer, the weather gets warmer, and flowers begin to bloom, it is time toclean as you stage your home for the Spring real estate market in Edmonton. Everyone loves a clean home, and real estate buyers are no exception.

As you go about staging your Edmonton home this Spring, here are some cleaning steps to follow.

1. Baseboards

Dust and wipe the baseboard with soap and water to remove dirt and stains. You may also repaint and polish off any visible marks. You can use a wood filler if there are damages but be sure to repaint afterwards.


2. Walls

Use warm, soapy water to remove any stains. If your wall is covered with wallpaper, remember to dust first. Once the stains are gone, rinse clean with a cloth dampened in warm water. Finally, dab dry with a soft towel.


3. Blinds

Make a soap-water mixture by adding 3 drops of liquid soap into a bowl filled with warm water. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the mixture then wipe away dirt and dust by pulling the cloth from one end to the other of the blind slats. Make sure the slats are flat when wiping.


4. Dusty picture frames

Wipe the frame with a clean, soft cloth then softly scrub the frame with a dry toothbrush. Wipe again then gently scrub with water and soap using a toothbrush. Test a small area before scrubbing the entire frame. Finally, give the frame a quick polish with wood oil.


5. Light fixture

For light fixtures with glass covers, remove the glass then dump any dirt in the trash. Soak the glass in a bucket filled with warm, soapy water. As the glass is soaking, gently wipe the bulb with a damp cloth is there is any residue. After soaking for a few minutes, wipe the glass with a sponge or cloth, then dry with a towel.


homes must have personality without being personal

When Selling, Homes Must Have Personality But Cannot Be Personal

As you stage your Edmonton home, it is ok to let your décor keep some of its personality which will make potential buyers feel warm and comfortable with the personal touch. However, real estate buyers should not know who lives there. So, you will have to de-personalize your home.

This is how you can stage your Edmonton home with personality.

1. Erase vestiges of your identity

Erasing all vestiges of your identity will strip away the personality of your home, so you will have to put away just enough items to make your real estate buyers feel comfortable with picturing your home as their own Edmonton home. Put away personal items that identify you as the owner but leave a display of a few books on your coffee table, leave your decorative throw pillow on your sofa, leave the turquoise fruit bowl on your dining table. Let your Edmonton home retain some of your personality as you stage.

2. Add some personal touch

Art. From exquisite paintings to wall hangings like tribal necklaces, Turkish towels and macramé, art adds personality to homes which appeals to potential buyers. A great way to standout in the Edmonton real estate market as well. You may also use a combination of textures – timbers, linens, feathers – to appeal to the senses of real estate buyers that lean towards tangible feelings as opposed to visual memory.

Follow these tips for a home staged with personality, without being too personal which will put off real estate buyers. De-personalize your home but leave a personal touch.

Remove emotional attachment when selling

Selling A Home Is Not About You

As you go about staging your home in Edmonton to sway real estate buyers in your favor, remember to depersonalize your home. As humans, we are uncomfortable to claim other’s properties as ours which is why reminding buyers the house is your own will only work against you. Keep this in mind to thrive in Edmonton’s competitive real estate market. 

Before you depersonalize your home, prepare yourself emotionally as putting away personal items can be emotionally challenging. Once you feel ready to proceed, here are 3 ways to let go of your attachment and remove yourself from your home.

1. Remove personal items

Put away personal photos, portraits, paintings, trophies, awards and certificates. Pack away your personal collections as well such as toys. Avoid artwork with a personal tastethat will only appeal to certain types of people.


2. De-personalize your rooms

Remove your personal taste from room decoration. Repaint your walls with a warm neutral color that appeals to most people such as white. Put away your personal care products in your bedrooms and bathrooms.


3. Keep rooms half empty

Avoid completely empty rooms as potential buyers may not realize what the room ismeant for. You can place a few pieces of furniture to depict the purpose of the room, leaving space for potential buyers to visualize how they can personalize to suit their taste.

Be mindful of these tips as you stage your home to allow potential real estate buyers to envisionthe house as their own future Edmonton home.