simple decorating ideas

Hello everyone
Are you looking for new ways to spruce up your bedroom? Try these simple things to make a big impact

  1. Mix and match your bedding- Mix and match natural patterns with prints can make your bed any style you want. The pictures are of nautical theme and vintage. download (53)
  2. Put an antique in the bathroom- Make any room feel authentic, using antiques in bathrooms can make an authentic.
  3. Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture- painting furniture can be a simple fix. White paint can make a piece feel light, bright and (54)



Living room decorating ideas.


Hello everyone

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your living room?
Here are some simple tips that can be done on a budget.

  1. Bring in flowers: Bring in a bouquet of vibrant flowers.thumbnails-Pink_roses,alstroemeria,sinuata_statice,lavender_carnations-winnipeg_fresh_flowers
  2. Mix materials and textures- Give a living room depth by mixing materials and texturesMix-Materials-and-Textures
  3. Create roles- Craft and instant end table with a stacked set of your favourite (51)
  4. Embrace a wild print- Mix a bold accent like a zebra print, to add some contrast to a low-key sofazebra2
  5. Put pattern on the floor- Add tactile and visual interest to a room with a patterned (52)


What is home staging?


Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered what is home staging and why it is so important? Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the right buyer. Staging your listing and open houses is one of the most under utilized marketing tools in the real estate professions. If you would have Google “ Home staging” five years ago you would have found 300,000 results at the time. Today if you searched “ Home staging” on google you would have more than 2.75 millions results. With current market conditions, staging a home is necessary.
The most important characteristics of a home buyer are:

  1. 69% location
  2. 12% curb appeal
  3. 10% feel of the home
  4. 9% size.

The most important factors for the buyers first impressions of a home’s interiors are.

  1. Cleanliness, clutter and odour 35%
  2. Decor 21%
  3. Condition and lighting 16%
  4. Floor plan 15%
  5. Rooms 13%


Live in stagin


Hello everyone,
If you are currently living in a home but want to get it staged. There are many possibilities for you. Common problems stagers face with occupied homes are:

  1. To much furniture, Most home have to much furniture that owners accumulate over the years. Home stagers are trained to make your home look great while keeping you comfortable in your current position.

download (49)

2. Furniture not to scale: some furniture can be to large for the room it in, in this case, a stager will try to relocate the furniture throughout the space, using anything and everything you already have before bringing in new furniture.


3. Furniture outdated: Furniture that is outdated is not the end of the world, although it may make the whole house look drab and uninviting; furniture covers can help update your current furniture without breaking the bank.


4. Colours: Many homes have a wide range of colours. A simple coat of fresh paint in a light colour will do miracles as well as minimize the quantity of unnecessary furniture.

5. Window treatments: window treatments can wash out a room, A new set of curtains can help brighten up the space.

download (50)